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Supreme Court To Hear “Straw Purchase Case”


The  US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Bruce Abramski.

Abramski, a former police officer, purchased a handgun, (legally) in Virginia and transferred it , through a dealer, to his uncle in Pennsylvania.

In spite of the fact that Abramski completed a background check, and his uncle completed and passed a background check, Abramski was charged and convicted of a “straw purchase” of a firearm.

This is a deeply disturbing case since even the ATF has told dealers it is legal to purchase a firearm for another person if the other person may lawfully possess firearms, and in fact even Sarah Brady has done it.

Countless lawful transfers could suddenly become the target of  felony allegations if the court agrees with the state. Oregon Firearms Federation has joined other pro-rights organizations in filing an amicus brief on behalf of Abramski. You can read it here.