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Veterans’ Day 2013

Thank you.To the countless Americans who have served our country with honor and bravery, Oregon Firearms Federation wants to say thank you. Your sacrifices can never be truly grasped by anyone who has not walked in your boots.Whether you spent a stifling summer or a brutally freezing winter in a hole in the dirt, or you lost an eye, or an arm or your life, we can never repay you for all you have done for us.

At a time when our freedoms are vanishing at a stunning speed, your willingness to go into harm’s way to defend our liberties can never be appreciated enough.

All of you gave so much. And for those of you who sacrificed and are now being treated like the enemy by the Obama administration, we want you to know that we honor and cherish your commitment to our country and promise you we will stand by you as your sacrifices are used against you.

You are the best and most selfless. God bless you and Happy Veterans Day.