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One Bad Bill Dead, One Really Bad Bill Moving.


Today in the legislature one anti-gun bill died and one was advanced out of committee.

House Bill 2526, a bill sponsored by anti-gun Democrat Senator Elizabeth Hayward and Republican Knute Buehler, was declared deceased in the House Judiciary Committee.

This bill would have required the Department of Justice to create material on suicides and forced gun dealers to distribute this material with gun purchases.  The chair of the committee, House Rep Jeff Barker, wisely let this bill expire. Thank you Representative Barker.

Tonight in the Senate Judiciary Committee the Democrats passed SB 719 to the Senate floor over the objections of Republicans Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum. This bill is the work of anti-gun zealot Ginny Burdick and Republican Brian Boquist.

This bill will require that local police come to your home and confiscate your firearms if a family member tells a judge that they think you are dangerous or suicidal. It also allows any police officer to make the same accusations about you to a judge. The police officer does not need to know you or even have ever met you.

You are not allowed to contest the confiscation order until after your rights and property have been taken.

Under this bill you can have your gun rights stolen and your property confiscated if you have purchased a firearm or ammunition in the last 180 days.  That is not a misprint or a joke. A “household” member or police officer can request that your gun rights be eliminated and your guns confiscated by police…because you bought a gun.

While we think there will be more efforts to destroy your gun rights, SB 719 is the immediate danger.

If you have never taken action before, this is the time to do it. This is one of the most dangerous and deceitful bills the Democrats have ever tried to ram through the legislature. (Well, the Democrats and Republican Brian Boquist.)

Please contact the members of the Oregon Senate and urge them to vote “no” on this extreme violation of rights and common sense.

You can use the automailer below to send the following message. If using the automailer please only click on “Senators.”

Dear Senator,

SB 719 would allow a person to lose his property and his rights to possess a firearm simply because he had purchased a firearm.

This legislation would eliminate someone’s rights with no accusation, let alone conviction, of a crime and no adjudication of mental illness.

There is no due process in this bill until AFTER a person’s rights and property have been taken from him.

The bill contains not one word about helping people who are in crisis or people who fear for their safety. This bill is about one thing; attacking and punishing gun owners who have angry or vindictive family members.

I strongly urge you to defeat this dangerous legislation.



You can also cut and paste the above message or modify it and send it directly to your Oregon Senator who you can find here.

Your Oregon Senator will be the first name that appears in that link.