03.17.15 Another Shot At Universal Gun Owner Registration

03.17.15 Background Check Bill Coming

03.08.13 Portland City Club Debate. Oregon Firearms Federation, Ceasefire Oregon

02.25.13 Some Gun Dealers Can’t Stop Selling Out (As if the civilian market was not keeping them busy enough.)

02.25.13 Gun Right Advocates Respond To Greenlick’s Nightmare

02.20.13 Gun Grabber Has Meltdown

02.12.13 Ceasefire Oregon Explains Gun Control. 

01.29.13 Burdick Calls for “Universal Background Checks”

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying all the wrong remedies.”

01.27.13 DHS ORDERS 7000 “Assault Weapons” Claiming They Are Good For “Personal Defense”

01.22.13 Lars Larson Debates Anti-gun Hysterics

08.07.12 Portland Tribune Op-Ed

07.01.12 1859 Magazine Guns On College Campuses.

07.29.12 OFF vs Misfire Oregon

03.23.12 Mark and Dave Interview

03.11.12 Gun Talk

10.05.11 Reply To The Oregonian (which we never thought they would publish)

10.01.11 Oregonian Editorial Against Guns

09.29.11 Oregonian On OUS Gun Ban Reversal

9.30.11 Corvallis Gazzete Times On Overturned Gun Ban

09.28.11Houston Chronicle On Overturned Gun Ban

12.02.10 Portland Enacts Unlawful Regulations.

10.03.10 What is the story on NRA ratings?

09.03.10 Cops want murderous thugs to “cool down.”

09.02.10 Sam Adams and OFF on OPB’s “Think Out Loud.”  Adams says criminal teens violating curfew should be sent home to the parents who let them out in the first place. Penny Okamoto* from Cease Fire Oregon says OFF should give money to “Headstart.” You can’t make this stuff up.
*Program from the event where this speech was given. “Violence ‘Poofing’ Your Kids.”  Guess they needed a “poofreader.”

08.24.10 Sam Whines. Calls OFF “bullies.”

08.23.10 Adams…The guns did it.

08.20.10 Sam Adams.Is a teenager escaping your attention Sam?

05.29.10 Limp Wrist Chimes In

05.05.10 Concealed Carry On Campus

10.16.08 Ginny Burdick Breaks The Law And Then Shakes Down Lobbyists To Pay Her Legal Bills. (OFF not asked to ute.) PDF version here.

10.02.08 ACLU Takes on BATF. (With creepy audio.)

08/15/08 One Texas school district figures it out.

08/02/08 Only the police should have guns.

07/18/08 Gun briefing backfires in China
(Sounds like one of our DEA Agents)

07/17/08 Gun Haters Hail Heller.


11/17/07 Warrantless Gun Searches Begin.

11/05/07 Police One Must Reading For Every Liberal Nanny State Supporter Who Wants To Disarm Trained Adults In Our Schools

10/30/07 Lebanon Express. Labor Commissioner on Medford Teacher.(Please note, the Medford teacher has NEVER stated that she carried a gun to school.)

10/29/07 Three Newspapers Agree, It’s Better To Be Shot And Be Unarmed, Than To Have The Ability To Protect Yourself. (If you accept this analysis, you must agree to disarm police.)

9/20/07 Police Website Exposes Danger Of Unarmed Civilians.

09/09/07 OFF Defends Medford Teacher

12/15/06 House Committee Assignments Announced.

12/15/2006 Senate Committee Assignments Announced

10/30/06 Range In Trouble

09/14/06 Democrats Form Pro-Gun Caucus

07/24/06 Utah Permits in high demand.(If other states were more reasonable this wouldn’t happen.)

07/08/06 The UN Wants Your Guns

06/14/06. Burdick Sandbags Elections Office. The paragon of virtue gets shifty with donations.

Saxton Moves Left And Right.

05.18.06 DEA agent who shot himself in classroom sues. After telling students he was the only one in the room who could be trusted with a handgun, this genius shot himself. Now he’s suing the DEA. This is a classic.

02/17/06 Burdick and Minnis…double dipping?

02/15/06 Ginny Burdick’s Run For City Council, What’s True?
12/03/05 Director Kevin Starrett on Live Fire With Larry Pratt.
06/24/05 Democrats support gun rights. World to end tomorrow.
11/20/04 Kevin Starrett on “Live Fire” with Larry Pratt.(requires RealPlayer)
10/21/04 Burdick and opponents.
10/12/04 LCC Revisits Gun Policy
10/6/04 A note to an anti-gun nut.
6/17/04 Police entrapment fails.
5/15/04 Idiots in charge. (really)
5/13/04 Bush Staffers Try To Kill Armed Pilots Bil
l5/11/04 Ex-San Bernardino sheriff took 523 guns from department, DA says
4/30/04 DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class
4/29/04 House sustains veto of concealed guns bill
4/29/04 Goode co-creates caucus on gun ownership
4/26/04 Some Gun Activists Wobbly on Bush
4/17/04 Cheney Speaks at NRA Convention
4/14/04 Administration policies prompt some gun owners to recoil.
1/27/04 Weapons suit raises campus safety issues for gun owners
1/23/04 Student sues over OUS’ concealed weapon ban
2/28/04 SOU cancels Larson’s invitation to forum.
10/7/03  Gun turn-ins may be turned off
4/24/03 Coalition targets ban on semi-automatics

11/5/1999 “Gun Violence Prevention Act”
5/19/99 High Noon