“Ceasefire” Oregon Explains Gun Control

Below are some videos of Penny Okamoto of Ceasefire Oregon at an recent Washington County Public Affairs Forum.  As usual Okamoto displays an astonishing ignorance of  the subject of firearms.   See if you can keep track of the more ridiculous comments.  Good luck.

Oregon Firearms Federation did not shoot or produce these videos, but we would like to thank the person who did.
Penny Okamoto says “Gun Free Zones ” don’t stop criminals. But she wants them of course. Also compared firearms to land mines.

Penny Okamoto says if  you’re hunting birds you can have three “bullets” if you’re “hunting humans”…unlimited! She says “it doesn’t seem fair.”  These people talk about “hunting humans” with straight faces as though this were an activity that can be regulated! This is not even mildly rational. She describes semi-automatic firearms as ones that fire a bullet every time the trigger is pulled…like oh yeah, a revolver. She says she does not want to ban handguns or long guns. Only semi-automatics, which of course comprise most handgun and long guns. Claims she would like to “carry around anthrax.”

Here Okamoto  displays her paranoia and claims gun makers “incite fear”  and that gun owners were trying to “intimidate” her at a recent pro-rights rally, in spite of the overwhelming number of cameras and reporters who were there and saw nothing of the sort.