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Lock Up Your Guns And Still Be Liable Bill Moves Forward


Gun Theft Victim Liability Bill Advances.

                                                                               Fred Girod


HB 2510, which will hold gun owners liable for crimes committed with firearms stolen from them, received a “second reading” today and is now scheduled for a “third reading” tomorrow on the House floor.

“Third reading” is the term used for that part of the process where a bill is actually voted on, on the floor of the House or Senate.

While it is scheduled for a vote tomorrow, that is unlikely.  The House Republicans have slowed down the process of ramming through legislation by requiring that all bills be read in their entirety before being voted on, a process usually waived with consent of the legislators.

As a result, progress on voting on bills has slowed tremendously in the House. And this is a good thing.  So unless something really out of the ordinary happens, the bill will not receive a vote tomorrow, but because it has been scheduled, it will receive a vote at some point.

Given the Democrats supermajority in the House, there is no question the bill will pass.

In addition to holding theft victims liable for the crimes committed with guns stolen from them, the bill requires that your self defense firearms be kept locked up and useless.

The Oregon Democrats have chosen an interesting time to make sure you are defenseless. Violent crime is surging to terrifying highs and the police admit they can’t handle it.

Make no mistake, none of this is an accident.

Once the bill passes in the House, it will go to the Senate where the Senate Republican “leader” has vowed not to walk out to stop this madness.

He and the five other Republicans who stayed behind on the Senate floor, to assure that SB 554 (go to the library go to prison) would pass, insist it would “look bad” for them to walk out, in some cases actually citing Democrats disapproval of a walk out.

It seems like we should not have to point out that Democrats did not elect them, or in almost every case, reelect them, after the last walkout which successfully killed dangerous legislation in the last session. They are also claiming that it would be “impractical” to walk out now when there is so much time left in the session.  This is particularly inane since they did not walk out for the entire session last time, only until their demands were met.(Senator Tim Knopp, who has made a career of staying behind to help the Democrats when others walked out, actually excused his betrayal of gun owners by telling one voter “Independents and Democrats oppose walkouts by 2/3rds or more.”

So the Republicans who refuse to leave, and thereby guarantee passage of extreme anti-gun bills, are now in the business of making excuses instead of protecting your rights.

In emails to voters who question them about their refusal to stand up, they dismiss voters concerns by telling them that they can always spend their own money and time and take the chance that they could repeal these bills by costly ballot measure. They also say “hey we voted against that bill” and ignore that fact that just by being on the floor they guaranteed passage.

While the slow down in place in the House is helping, it is highly unlikely that it will kill any legislation that the Democrats are determined to pass. So the House’s refusal to walk out is every bit as dangerous as the refusal by some Senate Republicans. But at least the House is slowing things down.

On the Senate side, not only are they speeding bills along, but Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod has actually made motions on the floor himself to speed the process up.

You can still  let the Oregon Republicans know how you feel about their complicity in this outrage by using this link:

It’s true that many legislators are now not even looking at your emails so if you prefer to call you can reach the voice mailboxes of House Leader Christine Drazan here 503-986-1439 and Senate Republican Leader Girod here 503-986-1709. 

Some folks have received messages back from Girod saying their email was “deleted unread” so a phone call may be a better bet.

The six Republican Senators who sold out gun owners on the vote on SB 554 are listed in this alert. They are all working overtime to cover their tracks, but the fact remains, they came to the floor knowing the bill would pass no matter how they voted, and now they want you to fix the mess they made.

If the majority of the Republican House members also refuse to walk, gun owners will have very little left at the end of this session.