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Today the House held “work sessions” on two anti-gun bills.

The House Judiciary “worked” HB 2543, the bill that will allow the State Police to deny a firearm’s purchase forever with no justification. That’s “forever” with an “F”.

The House “Health” Committee  “worked” HB 2510. This is the bill that will hold gun owners “strictly liable” for crimes committed by the criminals who Oregon continues to release without punishment, using guns they stole from the law abiding.

Under 2510, even if a gun owner locks up a gun, if it’s stolen, the victim is responsible if the thief kills someone.

It’s hard for rational people to make sense of this. But that’s the way Oregon rolls in 2021.

Without explanation. the Democrat Chair of the House Judiciary Committee moved HB 2543 to the Rules Committee “without recommendation.”

The Rules committee does not have the deadlines most other committees have. That means that this bill can be safely kept alive until the very end of the session.

The Democrats have the votes to pass this bill so it’s not clear why they are waiting, but there is no reason to consider this good news.

House Bill 2510 was passed out of committee to the House Floor where it faces certain passage if the House Republicans continue to cooperate with the majority party in these endless attacks on rights, safety, and common sense.

The Oregon Senate, with the pathetic compliance of six Republican Senators, has already passed SB 554 which will make Oregon concealed handgun license holders felons should they go NEAR the public buildings they pay for.

HB 2510 will help ensure that Oregonians will be placed in great jeopardy should they attempt to comply with the Senate Bill 554.

You see, the Senate bill will require that gun owners park far from any government building and lock their self defense guns in their cars. (People without cars are screwed the minute they leave the house.) If a person does comply and lock her gun in a vehicle, and one of Oregon’s many unpunished criminals steals it, the gun owner is responsible for whatever crimes are committed with that gun.

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in parts of the state far from the hellholes of Portland and Salem who might think the thugs who rule the streets have quieted down, think again.

This insanity took place at the State Capitol, this Sunday. Yes, the Capitol has been closed for months and yes there is no one there on Sunday anyway, but the animals still took over and of course, one person trying to protect himself was disarmed by the police who stood by while innocent people were attacked.

We want to thank the six Senators who refused to be part of the sellout on SB 554 by not showing up on the Senate floor for a vote on the bill.

They were:

Senator Kim Thatcher

Senator Art Robinson

Senator Chuck Thomsen

Senator Brian Boquist

Senator Dennis Linthicum and

Senator Dallas Heard

The other six took gun owner’s money, sold them out and now are using their sell out to make excuses and raise more money for themselves.

The Republican House members surrendered before the battle even began by agreeing to vote on rules that would fine them if they walked out. While they can claim they voted “no,” they did so knowing those votes would not make a damn bit of difference and they would lose.  What thinking person shows up to agree to be neutered escapes us. But that will have to be taken up with House Republican “leader” Christine Drazan.

Senate Bill 554 had its first action on the House side today where it was “first read”. This is the first step in setting the bill up for a vote.  If the bill passes on the House side without any changes it will soon be law.

Should the House make any changes it will need to go back to the Senate where, unless there is a change in “leadership” among the Republicans, it will pass again and then become law.

At this time there is no indication that anything will be stopped on the House side either because the House Republicans have showed no willingness to walk out.

Anything can change at anytime. But as of right now, there seems to be no chance that there will be any effort on the part of Republican legislators, (with the exception of the ones listed above) to take steps to protect your rights.

But at least some brave elected officials are willing. 

Yamhill County recently moved a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance. We commend them for refusing to be slapped around by the apologists for lawless thugs.

This piece by KGW was clearly intended to attack the ordinance and the commissioners who passed it, but really backfired on the sock puppet delivering it when their own legal expert explained that it would not be so easy to challenge it.

Our deep gratitude goes out to County Commissioners Lindsay Berschauer and Mary Starrett for having the courage to do what so many Republican Legislators would not. (Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulia []voted against protecting gun owner’s rights.)

The fight is far from over.  There is still time for the legislators, who gladly took your money to get elected, to stand up. But every passing day makes the fight for our rights to defend our families harder.