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Jefferson County On Deck Next Week!


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Hot on the heels of Clackamas County passing a pro-gun resolution, we have been reliably informed that Jefferson County will be considering one on Wednesday Feb. 25 at 9am.   We have also been informed that Sheriff Jim Adkins is strongly supportive. We need more like him.

You can view the resolution here.

As you can imagine, every county that joins us in sending a message to Salem represents another powerful roadblock to the gun grabber’s plans.

And every county that steps up makes the commissioners of others (like Lane) that refuse, look more and more out of touch with the people who elected them.

We are hoping to see Grant County take some action soon since Grant has one of the strongest Constitutional Sheriffs in the country.

Please take a moment to contact the Jefferson Commissioners with a strong note of support. If you can be there in person, that would be even better. The amazing turn out in Clackamas played an integral part in their resolution’s passage. Jefferson County Administrative offices are located at 66 SE D Street, Madras.

Jefferson County Commissioners:

Mike Ahern

Mae Huston

Wayne Fording

Sample message:

Dear Commissioner,

As you know, almost every day, counties in Oregon are stepping up and telling the power brokers in Portland that they want no part of more restrictions on the 2nd Amendment rights of  their citizens.
Please do the same for Jefferson County and approve a pro 2nd Amendment Resolution.