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Lane County Flip Flops, Wasco County Steps Up


In a last minute retreat, the Lane County Commission reversed its plans to consider a pro-gun resolution and now says it may not discuss the issue until May or even June. Of course, given the nature of the current legislature, that will clearly be too late.

Obviously the commission is seeking to hide from the coming attacks on the citizens of Lane County. It makes no sense to consider possible action long after the damage has been done.

Here is a screen shot of their agenda when we sent out our earlier alert.

lane agenda
Gun Rights is clearly on the agenda.

After our alert went out, the item was suddenly pulled off and pushed back to early summer. See the followup screen shot.
lane agenda 2
The Lane County Commissioners are playing games with your rights and your valuable time.

Please contact them and tell them you do not appreciate them playing “bait and switch” with your liberty. Remind them that waiting until June is a dodge intended to make sure the damage is done before they have to address it. Tell them you will not stand for this kind of shameless political¬†maneuvering. With other counties stepping up now, Lane County’s stall is a disgrace. The Lane County Commissioners contact info is can be found here.

On a more positive note, the Wasco County Commission will be discussing Second Amendment rights on Feb 4. See their agenda here. Contact info for the Wasco Commissioners can be found here. Please encourage them to take a principled stand in defense of the 2nd Amendment.