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Important Update on SB 554.

If you are planing to testify (or attempt to testify) on SB 554 today, please be aware of an amendment proposed by Senate President Peter Courtney.

The “dash- 20” amendment combines the lock up law (HB 2510) with SB 554 and makes a few other changes. The most important one is the addition of an “emergency clause.”

The addition of an emergency clause eliminates the ability of the people to refer the bill to the voters. It was the absence of an emergency clause that the turncoat Republicans in the Senate were using to excuse their selling out on the bill. Their position was that the people could always run a ballot measure to reverse the bill.

With the addition of the emergency clause that option virtually disappears.

The amendment also seems to reduce the number of places that will be made off limits to CHL holders but still includes a doubling of the cost of the permit.

A copy of the amendment is included if you want to refer to it in your testimony.