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Gun Grabbers Double Down


Today the House Committee on Health Care heard HB2510, a bill to hold gun owners liable for the violent crimes of thieves.

As expected, the deck was strongly stacked in favor of gun grabbers and the technical failures that have become the hallmark of Oregon Legislative hearings seemed to occur almost exclusively when opponents of the bill were attempting to testify.

One of the strangest testimonies came from a Washington County Commissioner Pam Treece who supported the bill because she had been attacked by a rapist with a gun, the implication being that violent rapists are dissuaded by trigger lock laws.

The usual suspects trotted out the usual disproven cliches. One supporter of eliminating self defense claimed to be a teacher who, in an effort to demonstrate that gun owners don’t understand the 2nd Amendment, made the laughable and ignorant assertion that the word “regulate”  in that amendment referred to guns. (Another reason to want to keep your kids out of schools.)

A long time anti-rights activist testified against the bill because it did not punish gun owners harshly enough.

Meanwhile, Oregon Senate Democrats have doubled down and introduced a rule change to punish Senate Republicans should they refuse to participate in these attacks.

The rule would fine any Senator who walked away from this dangerous charade $151.00 every day they were not present to help the Democrats ram through dangerous and rights destroying legislation.

This rule could be voted on as early as next week.

If the Senate Republicans are on the floor when this rule is voted on, their ability to stop any outrageous legislation will be effectively ended. It’s not complicated.

House Republicans already made this mistake and were on the floor when a similar rule was passed in that chamber.  That is now being used as an excuse for their unwillingness to walk out.

If the Senate Republicans make the same mistake, there will be nothing to prevent the Democrats from ramming through extreme restrictions on gun rights along with a vast host of other demented ideas like banning diesel fuel and legalizing pimping.

So now, the future of gun rights in Oregon is in the hands of one person. That is Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod.  Girod has made no secret of his reluctance to stand up to the Democrats and lead a walkout even though other Republican Senators are determined to fight back.

It is imperative that he hear from you loud and clear.  Tell Fred that if the Republicans are on the floor for a vote on the rule change by the Democrats, you understand that he just handed your rights away to the far left.

Please call Girod at 503-986-1709  and email him here

Oregonians are very close to losing everything. It’s time to remind the Republicans what they were elected to do.