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Oregon’s first anti-gun ballot measure has been filed.

This bizarre measure called the “Oregon State Integrated Concealed Handgun Carry Act” has been filed by “Ifeanyichukwu Diru” who you may (or may not) recall, actually ran for Governor.

The measure calls for handgun licenses to be limited to one year and all applicants must “submit a mental health report from their physicians as part of conditions to qualify to hold a concealed handgun permit” (sic)

Of course, there is more.

We fully expected the lunatic anti-gun fringe to pull out all the stops thanks to their gains in the legislature and the reelection of Kitzhaber, so this ballot measure should not be a surprise, but it is just a down payment on what’s coming down the road. 

Remember, no matter what the freedom haters in the population centers dream up, most counties in Oregon are pro-gun. If their sheriffs and county commissioners refuse to support this kind of lunacy, it’s going to be up to a tiny number of State Police to try to enforce this kind of nonsense.  Where do your sheriffs and commissioners stand?

 Complete info on the ballot measure here.