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Curry County To Discuss Pro-Rights Resolution


On Wednesday, Curry County will be joining Columbia County in discussing a pro 2nd Amendment resolution. The Curry Commissioners will meet at 10 am in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room Courthouse Annex, 94235 Moore Street, Gold Beach Oregon.

Wednesday is also when the Corvallis City Council will be discussing a “solution” to the non problem of open carry.

As always, showing up and showing support for a pro gun-rights resolution is critical in our efforts to keep adding counties to the list opposing new and dangerous gun control laws.

Please, if you can be at this meeting in Curry County, show up. The well funded anti-gun movement is trying to derail these resolutions and ordinances but they have been unsuccessful because of the tireless efforts of people like you.

A quick look at the stats provided by the Oregon State Police demonstrate that the existing background check system is a total failure. Since we have been promised by the anti gun-rights extremists in the legislature, and their cronies in the small but wealthy anti-gun groups, that an expansion of this train wreck is coming for private transfers, it’s important that every county step up in opposition.

If you cannot be there, please send a note of support for the resolution and a possible subsequent ordinance to the members of the Board of Commissioners.

A sample message follows:

Dear Commissioners,
Thank you for joining many other Oregon Counties and considering a resolution defending my Second Amendment Rights.
Please make this resolution as direct and strong as possible. I strongly urge you to include a specific objection to any expansion of Oregon’s failed “background check” system.
The Democrats in the Oregon Legislature have promised to introduce and pass bills attacking my rights. Please stand proudly against them.