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Help Make Columbia County Next


In what seems like a daily occurrence, another county will be considering a pro-gun resolution or ordinance.

Both are being proposed in Columbia County and are on the agenda for Wednesday the 18th at 10.00 AM.

The location is the  Columbia County Courthouse  Room 331

230 Strand Street, St. Helens, OR 97051

 Phone: (503) 397-7210 

Coming and testifying in favor of these proposed actions is very important. Please also take a moment to contact the commissioners and urge them to adopt either the ordinance or the resolution. Preferably the ordinance.

You can contact them with the info below:

Tony Hyde/

Earl Fisher/

Henry Heimuller/

Phone: 503-397-4322

Fax: 503-397-7243

Sample message:

Dear Commissioner,

I urge you to adopt a strongly worded ordinance, as other counties have done, to protect the Second Amendment rights of the people who elected you. As you know, the Oregon Legislature is now controlled by people who have promised to expand Oregon’s failed background check system to transfers between friends and family members.  The numbers provided by the State Police themselves prove these checks are not stopping criminals, but they are preventing qualified buyers from completing transfers.  Please stand up for your constituents. Please send a message to Salem that Columbia County stands for the Second Amendment.



Proposed Resolution

Proposed Ordinance