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The utter insanity that is the anti-gun movement continues to rear its ugly head in ways both mindless and dangerous.

Today the Brady Campaign sent out an email by Dan Gross  saying “90 %” of Americans want more failed gun control!

That number is both absurdly fictitious and inflated daily.  No doubt soon we will be told that 100% of Americans, including almost all gun owners, want increased attacks on their rights. It’s ridiculous of course, but you can bet the media will be parroting that number soon while never making the slightest attempt to verify it.

What’s even more bizarre is Gross’s contention that I know first-hand what the families of the Umpqua Community College victims are facing. My brother was shot in the head during a mass shooting…”

This statement was made in a new demand for “background checks!”  The rest of that sentence tells the story however. “My brother was shot in the head during a mass shooting at the Empire State Building.”

Yes, the Empire State Building, in New York City which has had “universal” background checks for generations and some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.  And while this simply proves the failure of these dangerous and unconstitutional laws, you’d better believe the courts are sucking this garbage up and spitting it back out while working overtime to end your 2nd Amendment rights.

Today we received the US Appeals Court 2nd Circuit’s response to a lawsuit filed in opposition to the draconian and outrageous anti-gun laws passed in New York and Connecticut.

The court upheld almost every aspect of both states’ anti-gun laws!

In a decision that demonstrated just how little the judges understand about firearms they said:

“As for the other enumerated military‐style features—such as the flash suppressor, protruding  grip, and barrel shrouds—New York and Connecticut have determined, as did the U.S. Congress, that the “net effect of these military combat features is a capability for lethality—more wounds, more serious, in more victims—far beyond that of other firearms in general, including other semiautomatic guns.” (sic)

At the same time, the Court admitted that American’s rights to have firearms for “self defense” was protected! We are totally at a loss to understand how “lethal” a self defense firearm is allowed to be.

But it get’s worse.  The Court went on:

“Indeed, plaintiffs explicitly contend that these features improve a firearm’s “accuracy,” “comfort,” and “utility.”This circumlocution is, as  Chief Judge Skretny observed, a milder way of saying that these features make the weapons more deadly.”

That’s right friends, a US Appeals Court actually believes that  “protruding grips” and “barrel shrouds” make firearms “more deadly.”

It becomes more painfully obvious every day that we cannot look to the courts to protect our rights.  People who reach these kinds of conclusions have clearly chosen to ignore the plain language of the US Constitution and create rulings that are obviously nonsense. They also ignore previous Supreme Court decisions that say only military firearms are protected!

In light of the Court’s nonsensical ruling, and the current makeup of our legislature, you can rest assured there will be a new wave of attacks on gun rights in Oregon. We’ve already told you how one organization is using the UCC shootings to beat the drum for an almost complete elimination of privately owned firearms in Oregon.

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