The Oregon Firearms Federation is the most aggressive, responsive and successful pro-gun organization in Oregon history. If you’re not already a part of OFF, we would like you to be.

Sure, you could send your money to the huge national organization, but here’s what you’ll get from them:

1) Weekly requests for more cash.

2) Ridiculous and embarrassing “petitions” and “surveys” with questions like “Do you support the right of Americans to own guns?”

3) Constant suggestions that you “upgrade your membership.” 

Here’s what you won’t get from them:

1)Timely and informative updates about what’s happening in Oregon.

2) Immediate information about threats to your gun rights.

3) The truth about dangerous legislation and anti-gun politicians.

4) Answers to your phone calls and e-mails.

OFF is different. OFF will tell you truth about what’s going on in Salem and Washington DC.

We’ll immediately identify the good and bad bills, but more importantly, we’ll tell you exactly what to do to stop them.

We name names, and provide the contact info for the people who need to hear from you, without apology or compromise.

No Walmart type organization can respond as quickly, or provide you with critical info as fast, as we can. But we know we need you too.

OFF has always recognized that our most potent weapon is a community of active, informed gun owners. And if you are not yet a part of that community, now would be a great time to get on board.

By joining OFF you will be assuring that the gun grabbers will be held accountable, that every attempt to erode your rights will be met with a full frontal assault, and that the truth will always be available about bills and politicians.

You can get a basic OFF membership for as little as $15.00. What an amazingly inexpensive way to be part of this battle!  Every donation will get you the OFF decal.

OFF decal

But if you contribute $25.00 we’ll send you our official embroidered shoulder patch.(Now with Velcro back.)


Contribute $50.00 and we’ll send you an OFF patch and and our new large 7X5 OFF vinyl decal.

Contribute $75.00 and we’ll send you the patch, the large vinyl decal, and the Oregon Firearms Federation Lapel Pin.

off pin


Contribute $100.00 or more and get the patch, pin, the  large vinyl decal and the amazingly stylish and high quality OFF ball cap.(Girl NOT included.) NOTE, due to a very large increase in new members, we are currently OUT of hats and patches!  But they are coming and everyone who joins at this level will receive an OFF hat as soon as we do. Thanks for your patience.

ball cap2


You can join online here. If you prefer to mail your contribution you can use this printable Donation Form. But either way, please consider joining today. Gun rights are in the cross hairs and we need you. (Please note, if you are not already a member, making a contribution to OFF, OFEF or the PAC, using this link or by mail, will make you a full member of OFF.)

Please keep in mind, while donations to our Educational Foundation are tax deductible, and donations to our Political Action Committee qualify for a tax credit, we are not permitted to offer these gifts when you donate to them. We can only offer these for donations to OFF.


If you prefer you can join using Paypal.