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In another stunning rebuke to the billionaire funded, anti-rights crazies, the people of Coos County have passed a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance that nullifies dangerous and unconstitutional laws like SB 941.

Coos County Commissioner Bob Main is a strong supporter of gun rights, but the other two Commissioners, John Sweet and Melissa Cribben have served as nothing but road blocks to the defense of liberty, so the people went around them.

This effort, led by Coos County resident Rob Taylor, is one more nail in the coffin of lies spewed by the supporters of more restrictions on your civil liberties.

While the likes of Val Hoyle and Floyd Prozanski constantly parrot the false statistic that almost “90%” of Oregonians want more of their rights taken away, this measure passed with over 60% of the vote.

In a statement to OFF, Taylor said:

“There were many people involved in the process of gathering the signatures needed to put this measure on the ballot and all of them deserve a huge thank you for taking the time to defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Several of us who had worked together before decided back in February 2015 that Coos County should pass some law to counter the Background Check bill, SB941.  This group of individuals approached the Board of Commissioners to ask them to enact a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, but Commissioners Cribbins and Sweet refused.  Since I am not a person to take no for an answer, especially from my employees/representatives, I organized a petition committee.  Over the summer, we gathered enough signatures to put the ordinance on the ballot ourselves, and the county clerk approved the initiative for the November election,

Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor


 Yesterday, election day, our measure won the election and now, The Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance is an official part of county code.  Coos County is a “Sanctuary County” for legal gun owners. “

Taylor added:”Moral of the story, never underestimate what a small, determined, well-organized group of individuals can accomplish.” 

To which we can only say…”amen.”

Predictably, the well funded and shrill extremists that live to destroy the Constitution have attacked the ordinance based on…the Constitution!

In a statement demonstrating once again just how delusional these people are, Ceasefire Oregon said:

“The fringe wing of the gun lobby has truly done a disservice to the taxpayers of Coos County. Clearly, counties cannot nullify state or federal law and they have no power to appoint the county sheriff to interpret the U.S. Constitution. This measure tells criminals they can buy guns in Coos County with impunity and puts the local taxpayers at risk for expensive lawsuits.”

There probably is not enough time or space to dissect the sheer lunacy of that statement. The “gun lobby” did a “disservice to the taxpayers?”
The “taxpayers” passed the ordinance!
The “gun lobby” was a group of residents.
But it should not be a surprise when cult followers dig in as their cherished illusions crumble.

Robyn Thomas, Executive Director of the “Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence,” said the measure “displays a gross misunderstanding of the U.S. Constitution.” In a comical Huffington Post story, far left Portland lawyer Charlie Hinkle (yes he is still around it seems) said “Of course local officials can’t decide what laws are constitutional. That’s why Kim Davis went to jail, Even the president can’t decide what’s constitutional — that’s why a federal court enjoined his executive orders regarding immigration.” (Sure, tell us about the president Charlie.)

But Hinkle, Thomas and their fellow travelers have been deafeningly silent on Oregon’s violation of Federal drug laws and numerous Oregon cities openly refusing to enforce federal illegal immigration statutes.

Shameless hypocrisy is the calling card of the liars who work overtime to attack your rights.

We want to say a resounding THANK YOU to the people of Coos County for standing up to the bullying tactics of frauds like Hoyle and Prozanski who have shown allegiance only to out of state money. And of course, a very special congratulations to Rob Taylor and everyone involved in this incredible effort. You folks led the way.

Rob Taylor is the founder of, which is a virtual network of local activists.