The Latest Attack On Our Rights

 The Resistance In Roseburg
The Resistance In Roseburg

Since the tragic events in Roseburg, the anti-rights left has been flooding Oregon legislators with demands for more (provably failed) restrictions on your Second Amendment rights.

One leftist organization( has been circulating petitions demanding a virtual end to gun rights in Oregon. What follows is a portion of their demands:

 “We demand that Senate Bill 941, requiring background checks for private firearm sales, be immediately enforced at every level and supported with appropriate resources. We demand that local officials, such as Roseburg’s own Sheriff Hanlin, be held accountable by the state for not enforcing this and other democratically-enacted regulations, due to their personal beliefs. In addition, we demand stronger policies to prevent gun violence and modernize our weapon laws, potentially including: –Central registration of all firearm owners and their weapons, and coordination of this data with criminal, mental health, and domestic abuse records at both the state and federal level. -Enactment of a 28-day waiting period on all firearm purchases. -Institution of a license requirement to possess or purchase a firearm, with obtainment of a license requiring a gun safety course, an evaluation of personal history and mental well-being, and a thorough background check. -Requirement of a license to buy, sell, or transfer a firearm and ammunition, including through registered weapons dealers, private sales, individual transfers, and family transfers. -Require that weapons be stored unloaded, in a gun safe, with a trigger lock. Possession of these safeguards should be necessary to obtain a firearm license. –Render concealed carry illegal, and ban the open carry of a loaded firearm. -Restrict ownership of automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons, and handguns to existing owners and require their storage at a licensed gun range. –Ban any clip or magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.”

It’s clear that the Bloomberg funded crazies are pulling out all the stops. As you can see, they are using the blood of innocent victims to push an agenda that is so extreme they had always felt the need to lie about it before.  “No one’s after your guns” they have have repeatedly claimed. Well they are after them and are no longer hiding it and because they have limitless money and a legislature that was bought and paid for by Bloomberg and other leftist, liberty haters, we are really in the fight of our lives.

Now is the time to start letting the folks in Salem know that we are not going to stand by and watch a handful of wealthy extremists use out of state money to eviscerate our rights and make all of Oregon a giant “criminal safe zone”.  The people of Roseburg stood up,  please take a moment to use our automailer to contact Oregon legislators and remind them that most counties stood against their last dangerous and pointless gun control law and many sheriffs have declared they will not enforce it. More will stand against any new laws attacking our rights.

The text of the message and the automailer form follow.


I am aware that legislators are being deluged with mail from anti-Second Amendment organizations demanding more draconian restrictions on my rights.

Even our Senators, Wyden and Merkley have been in the press demanding more gun control.  Astonishingly,  in response to the Roseburg shooting, they are demanding “background checks” at gun shows, “universal” background checks and restrictions on “domestic abusers.”  Can they really not know Oregon already has all those laws?

Do they really not know that none of these rules had any effect, and could not have any effect on the Roseburg shooter?

We simply cannot keep repeating the failed polices of the past.

When Oregon legislators go to work they have armed guards everywhere they go.  They have panic buttons in their offices. When the Judiciary Committees meet they are never without a State Trooper with a gun in the room at all times.  Yet our schools and colleges have rules forbidding defensive firearms, in violation of the law and rarely have armed guards.

Is the protection of politicians and lobbyists more important then the protection of our children and college students?

I strongly urge you to put a stop to laws that do nothing but put innocent people in the cross hairs of killers while the politicians and lobbyists get full time armed protection.

No more failed gun restrictions. It’s time to stop the fantasies and start protecting our families.