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Brown’s Gun Theft Bill Delayed


HB 4145, Kate Brown’s gun confiscation bill, was scheduled to be voted on today in the Oregon House.

However the bill has been pushed back to tomorrow’s floor session.

While this is potentially bad news since it’s possible they delayed it to have time to make it worse, it does give us at least one more day to voice our opposition to this dangerous legislation. 

We told you about the dangers of this bill in a previous alert

Please take a moment to express your opposition to HB 4145 one more time. 

Take action here. 

Today in the Senate Judiciary Committee, SJM 202 was passed on a party line vote. We told you about this pointless but expensive attack on gun rights here. It was sent to the Rules Committee in an apparent procedural move to prevent Republicans from offering substitute language. We still urge you to voice your opposition to it. You can do that using this link.

Bad things are happening fast in Salem. Please make your voice heard now.