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Hundreds of Second Amendment supporters flooded the Capitol yesterday to oppose SB 978, a 44 page assault on the gun rights and common sense. Gun owners greatly outnumbered supporters of this complex, unenforceable attack on civil rights.

We want to thank everyone who came whether you had an opportunity to testify or not. Far too many gun rights supporters showed up to fit in one room and multiple “overflow” rooms were required.

As is typical for the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Floyd Prozanski, two amendments were posted after the hearing started. SB 978-2 and SB 978-3.

It appears the main change in the “Dash 2” amendment is to place more firearms restrictions on foster parents. (See Section 10b on page 9) Given Oregon’s critical shortage of foster parents this provision just proves once again how determined Democrats are to crush this state.

The only change we found in the “Dash 3” amendment seems to be a minor technical change. (See line 21 on page 35.) But with both these new amendments being over 40 pages long, it’s possible there are other changes.

Please keep in mind the magnitude of this bill. Its provisions are so sweeping it could literally make you a felon simply for leaving your home with a firearm, even to go on a hunting trip. Some provisions are not even possible to comply with. The whole purpose of this bill is to attack law abiding gun owners. Far from addressing crime, it will create a vast new class of criminals. People like you.

It is critical that you do everything you can to express your opposition to this insanity, especially if your Senator or Representative is a Democrat. Call them. Email them. Go to their offices. We understand how difficult it is for working people to do this, but if you don’t you will have a choice of simply giving up your guns, or becoming a criminal.

If you don’t know who your Oregon Legislators are, use this link to find out:

Just type in your address in the search box at the top of that page. Your local Oregon legislators will be the first two people listed. Do not click on the tab that says “Congress”, those are federal legislators who have nothing to do with this bill.

You will see contact info for your legislators. If they are Democrats, request a meeting. Demand to know why they are attempting to turn you into a criminal.

We are at a critical turning point. If SB 978 becomes law, you may well consider moving TO California.

You may still provide written testimony (until 5pm tomorrow) at this address

Once again, thanks to every one of you who traveled and showed up in the early hours of the morning to stand up for liberty. The battle continues. Click below.