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Anti-Gun Monday Is Coming


Monday April 8th will be a busy day in Salem because of impending deadlines.

SB 978 will have a work session in Senate Judiciary at 8am.  Currently there are three amendments to the bill. No doubt you have already seen the Dash 1 amendment but after the public hearing started last Tuesday morning, Chair Floyd Prozanski posted two new amendments, the Dash 2 and Dash 3, both 44 pages long, with no opportunity for people who were there to testify, to read.

There is nothing to prevent him from adding more for the coming work session and once again he can do this with no notice.

Public testimony will not be taken at this “work session” so if the bill is dramatically altered again the only opportunity you will have for input will be contact with your legislators.

Prozanski is notorious for these kinds of sneaky moves.

Here is the schedule for Senate Judiciary for the 8th. To follow last minute changes to SB 978 use this link.

If you cannot attend the work session you can watch it live using this link.

You’ll want to scroll down to the link for the Senate Judiciary Committee. The work session will be held in Hearing Room C if you can attend.

Also scheduled for a work session is SB 1040. As of right now, this is a very narrowly crafted bill to address one location where unsupervised people allowed rounds to leave the property and hit homes across a river. In its current form it is not a dangerous bill, however people have requested it be expanded greatly and if it is it could become a real problem for gun clubs and ranges. We will be watching for potentially dangerous amendments.

In the afternoon in House Judiciary there will be a work session for HB 2013.

This is one more in a seemingly endless parade of bills to deny firearms to those who have been accused of domestic abuse. Year after year new legislation is drafted to restrict guns from those so accused, yet every year there seems to be one more “loophole” to close.

At no time is legislation ever introduced to empower the victims of abuse, only to force greater reliance on a state that clearly cannot take care of its most vulnerable.

Thank you for your continued activism. Please keep up the pressure especially if your representatives are Democrats.