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It’s Coming Down


This is not an April Fools joke. Tomorrow the Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing SB 978. Or more accurately the “Dash 1″ amendments to SB 978.

Those are the amendments we have so far. There could be more at the last minute. This bill could be the most extreme attack on gun rights in Oregon history.

While there are countless terrible provisions to the amended bill, the one that will effect ALL gun owners is the change in the definition of “Public Buildings” and the provision that would allow virtually any public entity to create rules about firearms in “public buildings” .  Under the amendments, a school district could create a policy that could make you a felon simply for being NEAR a public building. You don’t even have to be on their property.

In essence, it would be almost impossible for you to leave your home with a firearm without the risk of committing a felony.

The hearing and work session on this outrage is tomorrow at 8AM. You should be there. If you would like to testify against it, come very early to sign up. But even if you don’t plan to testify you should come if you can.

The hearing will be in Room 50 which is in the basement of the Capitol building. If you are a concealed handgun license holder you may lawfully carry in the building . (At least for now.)

If you prefer to send written testimony you can send it here:

You should also call Senate President Peter Courtney and express your opposition to this terrible attack on your rights. He can be reached at 503-986-1600

This is for all the marbles folks. 

If you cannot be there, please take action with the button below.