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Save Oregon And Some Money

Don’t Wait For Christmas. Use Your Tax Credit Now.

Donations to our Political Action Committee Could Cost You Nothing.

When we said goodbye to 2020, none of us could have imagined that 2021 would be worse. But the sustained attack on our rights and way of life has been truly unprecedented.

The damage that the legislature has done to our state cannot be overestimated.  And it was the work of both parties.

It was far worse than just attacks on the Second Amendment.

Our property rights were assaulted, our police were neutered, election integrity was further diminished and we saw elected Republicans become the unpaid hitmen for the Democrat Party.

Through it all, the people were locked out of their building and there is no reason to believe we’ll be allowed back in any time soon.

The “elite” continue to promote the lie that locking people out increased participation because now “anyone could testify from home” conveniently ignoring the endless technical glitches, the arcane maze of requirements to log on, and the overlord’s ability to shut down or lock out whoever they disagreed with. Not to mention making sure that like minded people were prevented from coming together in the capitol to express their opinions.

In short, it was a dumpster fire on a train wreck.

The Republican “leaders” in both Houses led their members over a cliff in exchange for a few pieces of silver, leaving any rational person to wonder what purpose the “opposition” served.

And there is little reason to think anything will get better in Salem moving forward.

Republican Senate “leader”, Fred Girod (who was our biggest fan when he had his hand out) stated on the Senate floor that we should be banned from the building. (An interesting irony considering all the people are banned from the building.)

Republican House “leader” Christine Drazan, always eager to ask for donations from us, called OFF a “rogue” organization while regularly voting for dangerous leftist bills.

Not a single Republican House Rep stood up for Mike Nearman when he was arrested and forced out of the legislature for actually DOING what the rest of them just bloviated about, opening the Capitol to the people who own it.

Wealthy, out of state, anti-rights groups joined and funded Kate Brown’s henchmen to attack Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances in multiple counties, and now they’re using their endless resources to attack and recall pro-rights commissioners and school board members in Yamhill County.

It’s become clear that if this state has any chance of surviving, we will need a wholesale change in our cast of characters.

We think those changes are going to have to happen on every level, from school board on up. In fact, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the most important races are going to be local. School board, city councils, county commissioners. That is where this cancer started, in smaller races that get less attention. Those smaller races allowed our local institutions to become infected when most voters were not paying attention or failed to recognize how important they are.

One look only to Newberg, where the election of a few patriots to the school board has caused an uproar state wide, making the cartel media hyperventilate, the establishment left spend like drunken sailors and the Marxists in the legislature call for a take over of local boards by left wing radicals.

This is where the battle is going and you can help throw up roadblocks to the gun grabbers for free.

Donations to our OFF’s Political Action Committee qualify for a tax credit, which is even better than a deduction.  You can read the details here.

For most people, donations are actually deducted from any money being extorted by Kate Brown. You can actually deduct up to $100.00 from your Oregon tax bill by donating that amount to OFFPAC.  The details and conditions are in the link above.

But don’t wait.  This Christmas season promises to be more hectic and challenging than ever due to the unending and ever changing restrictions on personal liberties and the damage being done to the supply chain by the demented policies of the sputtering Biden Administration .

Your donation has to be received by the end of December in order to qualify for the tax credit. So please don’t put it off. You are about to be deluged by holiday catalogs and junk mail so don’t wait till the last minute.

Every dime donated goes towards finding, supporting and electing good candidates, and, just as importantly, exposing the fakers and liars.

You can mail your donation to OFFPAC to PO Box 556, Canby Or. 97013, or make a secure donation online here.

Please remember to choose “OFFPAC” from the dropdown menu to assure your donation is properly applied and you get your tax credit.

Thanks for you support and commitment to saving Oregon.