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I’ve never backed down from a fight…

I’ve never backed down from a fight…



Happy Thanksgiving.

The crowded field of Republicans running for governor just got a little more cramped with the announcement that House Republican “Leader” Christine Drazan is joining the pack.

While rumors of her throwing her tiara into the ring have been circulating for some time, it now appears, almost official.

And we could not be happier. Under Drazan’s abysmal “leadership” the House Republicans caved at every opportunity, and watched on the sidelines as our gun rights were eviscerated, our cities burned, our police were neutered, and the entire state was declared a stronghold of violent white supremacists.

Drazan not only allowed the far left to control every agenda and crush rational thought and liberties, she actually voted for much of this crap.

When the “BIPOC” caucus declared war on Oregon’s police and shouted “jump,” Drazan flipped her bangs away from her face and cooed “how high?”

After the jurors in the George Floyd case were throughly intimidated by the promise of more riots and voted for a conviction, Drazan tweeted “GUILTY. JUSTICE IS SERVED.”

Drazan voted to reward rioters (and Tina Kotek’s rioting staff member) (HB 3164 ) and to punish the only member of her caucus with any integrity. Drazan voted for, and whipped her caucus to vote for, the expulsion of House Rep Mike Nearman. Mike’s crime was allowing the voters of Oregon into their own building.

Throughout the legislative session Oregonians were locked out of their building and the entire process, something Drazan regularly complained about. But when one of her members did something about it, she rounded up her cadre of cowards and threw Nearman to the dogs.

When the Democrats announced their intention to strip away as many of our gun rights as possible, Drazan hoisted a white flag and said “help yourself.”

After she and her cronies were offered a multi-million dollar bribe of taxpayer money, Drazan agreed to allow the Democrats to force their demented agenda without so much as a speed bump to slow them down.

Drazan claimed that the deal she made to allow the Democrats to crush our liberties was in exchange for “equal representation” on the redistricting committee. A deal so preposterous that a five year old would have laughed at it.

For one thing, no similar deal was made in the Senate, and for another it never mattered. Even if the Republicans had equal representation, all the Democrats had to do was nothing and the redistricting plan would be handed off to their far left Secretary of State.

But in the end, it never mattered since Kotek yanked the football away from Drazan at the last minute and reneged on the deal. The only person who did not see that coming was Drazan.

Then in a response motivated by hubris, stupidity, and blind hatred, Drazan moved to “censure” speaker Kotek. A move that had a 0% chance of success and a 100% chance of retribution. 

In the end, Drazan demonstrated a complete unwillingness to stand up, a complete inability to form a coherent plan and a clear preference for a few bucks over the well being of the state. Amazingly, Drazan actually said: When it comes to standing up for Oregonians, against powerful special interests and entrenched politicians in Salem, I’ve never backed down from a fight…”

The Babylon Bee could not have made that up.

According to Willamette Week  Drazan said “Over the past few months, I’ve been encouraged by friends and supporters to consider running for governor..”  We think it’s far more likely that she has been encouraged by people who are, like us, eager to have her cowardly backside out of the legislature so she can do no more damage.

In the extremely unlikely event that Drazan wins the Republican nomination, she will once again be a floor mop for the far tougher and smarter Tina Kotek.

If she doesn’t, she’ll be out of Salem, at least for a while. That’s something we can all be thankful for.