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School Board Battles Are Here

School Board Battles Are Here


As you know, SB 554 the awful gun control bill brought to us by cowardly Republicans, is in effect and includes a provision to ban concealed handgun license holders from being armed on school property. This does not just mean the school buildings, it means ANY school property including buildings far from campus and playing fields and the property surrounding them.

Under SB 554, any school district can vote to make their property an “active killer safe zone” by prohibiting law abiding people from being armed on school property during an attack. This mind numbingly stupid policy is being considered at the same time the politicians and  public school establishment are doing their best to eliminate school resource officers.   This policy is insane.

We have now learned that the Bethel Eugene School Board is considering instituting this dangerous policy and placing a giant “open season on our kids” sign on their schools.

It’s essential that you contact the school board and express how foolish and deadly this policy will be.

Remember, this won’t only affect the kids and the parents of the school district.  This disastrous policy will endanger any CHL holder who sets foot on any part of the school property.  Not only will trained, responsible adults be denied entry into the schools they are paying for but  anyone so much as watching a sporting event on their property will be violating the law.

It’s critical that we create as much opposition to this attack as possible. Because, as you know, the left won’t stop there. Soon enough every school will become a killing zone.

Please contact the board to voice your strong objection to this proposed policy.

The entire board can be reached with one email at this address :

Talking points:

This policy will have negative impacts for anyone near the schools, not just the residents and parents of the district.

No policy banning guns in the hands of trained law-abiding people will have ANY effect on criminals.  They may as well post a sign on school grounds that says “No viruses allowed”

CHL holders have never been, and will never be, a problem in schools. But the fact that they might be there dissuades bad actors.

We are losing school resource officers to budget cuts and demented, politically correct policies.  Advertising that good people can’t protect themselves and kids is a recipe for disaster.

These kinds of bad ideas will make the school districts liable for any crime that hurts or kills kids because trained gun owners were denied the ability to protect them.

The schools may very well be setting themselves up for lawsuits if it’s determined that a law handing over legislative abilities to schools turns out to be unconstitutional .

We have no doubts there will be many of these battles coming. Please help us stop this one in its tracks and send a message to school boards that you will not accept them putting our kids in harm’s way.

Thank you.