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On Monday morning the House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing for HB 2572.

This bill Modifies definition of “civil disorder” for crime of unlawful paramilitary activity; creates civil action for persons injured as a result of another person engaging in paramilitary activity.”

The one amendment offered so far (which replaces the entire bill)“Repeals ORS 166.660 in its entirety and creates new crime of unlawful paramilitary activity; seeks to clarify definition of “private paramilitary organization;” seeks to clarify elements of crime of unlawful paramilitary activity…

The amendment no longer mentions “civil disorder.” Now it’s all about “paramilitary activity.”

The bill, and the one current amendment, were drafted to specifically exclude antifa from its provisions.

In both the bill and the amendment  “paramilitary organization” is defined :

“Private paramilitary organization” means any group of three or more persons associating under a command structure for the purpose of functioning in public, or training to function in public, as a combat, combat support, law enforcement or security services unit.”

(Emphasis added)

That sounds a lot like a private security firm.  In fact, Legislative Counsel, the people who drafted the bill and the amendment, said:

“In section 2 of HB 2572, the definition of “private paramilitary organization” is quite broad and could in fact apply to a private security company, since a private security company would not fall within the law enforcement exception in subsection (3).”

And while they offered assurances that private security firms would probably not be prosecuted under the bill, that’s pure speculation.

But what’s NOT speculation is the part of the definition of “private paramilitary organization” that says associating under a command structure.”

As we all know, and prominent Democrats remind us, “antifa” is not an organization, just an “idea”.  So when dozens, or hundreds, of masked thugs show up in the same place armed with explosives and firebombs, it’s purely an organic event of like minded people.

It’s clear that this definition was designed to protect the left’s shock troops.

Please contact the Vice Chair of the committee and request that that language be removed from the bill.

You can call and leave a message or email, though phone calls are better.

This bill has a way to go before it can become law. If you cannot act before Monday, please still make that call.

Vice Chair Kim Wallan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1406

Bill and Amendment Text:

HB 2572.

Amendment to HB 2572.

Use this link to submit written testimony:

Use this link to sign up to testify in person or remotely: (Click on “register to testify next to the bill number.)