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As you know, HB 4147 was not acted on yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee. This bill will allow the Oregon State Police to deny you a lawful firearms transfer indefinitely. ( As in forever.)

Currently both Oregon and Federal law have safeguards for people who are unjustly prevented from purchasing firearms due to errors by the Oregon State Police.

Oregon’s safeguards are minimal and insufficient and every year thousands of Oregonians are denied their rights because of the flawed background check system and now the Democrats in the Oregon legislature want to remove even those small protections.

A “hearing” was held on the bill and out of staters were flown in by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg to promote this attack on your rights, but no vote was taken.

We MUST pull out all the stops to prevent this bill from becoming law. The bill’s own sponsor has admitted the system does not work. She has testified that 95% of people who are “delayed” are delayed with no justification. Yet now she wants them delayed forever.

Currently, the FBI, upon whom the Oregon State Police rely for information on background checks, is not even conducting investigations of  improper and unfounded delays.  So, if you are trying to buy a firearm and the State Police have bad information on you, you could very well be out of luck.  This kind of abuse is exactly why we have always opposed this prior restraint on a fundamental right.   This dangerous bill has a very good chance of passing and only you can stop it. The Chairman of the Committee, Jeff Barker, who has always voted pro-gun in the past has indicated he is prepared to vote for this bill and pass it out of committee. This is a very bad sign.

Please contact your legislators with the pre-written message below:


Dear Legislator,
House Bill 4147 would allow the Oregon State Police to prevent the lawful transfer of a firearm forever. The bill does not contain a single safeguard for people who are delayed on a firearms background check with no justification.
Current law has carefully crafted and seriously considered protections to prevent a faulty system from denying a person’s rights. They are not “loopholes.” They are safeguards. Small safeguards.
If you wonder why people are so distrustful of government intentions, this bill will explain it all.
The sponsor of the bill has testified that 95% of the people who are delayed by the State Police are delayed in error. If the person who is promoting this attack on our liberties admits this, what more do you need to oppose this dangerous legislation?
If people in your district were denied the right to vote because the Secretary of State had a faulty program, would  you explain that it was just a small inconvenience and they should not object to waiting six months or a year to exercise their rights?
If not, you must oppose this legislation.