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Watch Their Hands


You know in any confrontation, the most important thing to do is watch your opponent’s hands. Their words can’t hurt you, their actions can.

Although the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature announced that the close of the session was “imminent” at the end of May, there is no sign that they will be going home before the Constitutionally mandated end date of July 10.

But as we told you, that announcement allowed both House and Senate Committees to schedule action on bills with virtually no notice.

This session, the big sticking point has been, of course, the Democrats desire to jack up taxes, which they could not do legally without some Republican support. It was this leverage that might have allowed the Republicans to impede the passage of the anti-gun bills that are still alive in the legislature.

The Democrats have found creative ways to pass tax increases without the legally required “super-majority” and the Republicans have started caving in to tax increases they could have stopped.

In the House, Republican Sal Esquivel joined the Democrats to pass HB 2391A, a bill to tax health insurance of all things. When the bill went to the Senate, Republicans Jackie Winters, Fred Girod and Republican leader Ted Ferrioli joined the Democrats and sent the bill to the governor.

These capitulations, and the announced intention of the Democrats not to seek new corporate taxes (which is not a sure thing while they are still in Salem) may very well mean the Democrats can turn their attention to other mischief.

Many of you have contacted OFF asking what the current status of anti-gun bills in Salem are.

Currently, there are two anti-gun bills still in play in Salem. SB 719, the Boquist/Burdick gun confiscation bill, and SB 1065, the Prozanski, Burdick, Williamson omnibus anti-gun bill.

Both of these bills are sitting in committees that do not have deadlines for completing their work, which means they can still take action to pass these gun grabbing bills.

As you may know, anti-gun extremist,  billionaire Mike Bloomberg, is once again pouring money into the state to run ads promoting the anti-gun bills.  You may have heard Multnomah County Sheriff (and Bloomberg lackey) Mike Reese pushing Bloomberg’s agenda on the air.  (Reese has become a reliable mouthpiece for the anti-gun left.)

There is still plenty of time for the committees holding these bills, and the entire legislature, to ram them through.

So we are asking you to do what you can to counter Bloomberg’s money bomb and reach out to the legislature once again in opposition to these dangerous bills.

Even if you have done so in the past, the legislators need to know we are watching them and Bloomberg’s stooges and we won’t stand for more attacks on our rights.

You can take action against SB 719  here:

You can take action against SB 1065 here:

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