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The Most Dangerous Time


The Oregon Legislature has announced that “sine die” is “imminent.”

“Sine Die” means the last day of the legislative session. (Literally “without a date.”)

While this does not mean we actually have an announced day for closing the circus down, it does mean the rules change.  Once this announcement has been made, the notice required of when hearings are going to take place goes down to as little as an hour.

(Unless of course, you are an anti-gun activist. Then, if the past is any indication, you will get advance notice.)

So unless you are camped out in the Capitol, you will not get a chance to testify on any pending legislation. You are particularly out of luck if you live in a rural county any distance from Salem.  The very design of this rule shuts out the voices of citizens who live in most parts of the state.

It is essential that you take a moment, one more time, to express your opposition to the two dangerous anti-gun bills that are still in play.

SB 719 and SB 1065.

SB 719, the Boquist/Burdick gun confiscation bill has passed in the Senate and now sits in the House Rules Committee.

SB 1065 (an outrageous omnibus anti-gun bill) has been assigned to the Senate Rules Committee.  These committees are not subject to the deadlines most committees face, so they can act on these bills at any time with virtually no notice.

Please take action against SB 719 here:

Please take action against SB 1065 here: