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Stopping 114


Measure 114

Due to Oregon’s progressive and very advanced voting systems, we will be waiting for final results on ballot measures long after most of the rest of the country has called all their races.

Ballots in Oregon can still come in a week after Election Day.

As of right this minute, it appears all ballot measures are passing. That includes an end to slavery in Oregon (glad we finally got around to that) and “free” healthcare for all.

Oregon also voted to crush minority dissent and end the use of “denial of quorum” to guarantee that the party in power ( the Democrats) can ram through ANYTHING they want and the minority party no longer has a single tool to stop it.

Of course, in Oregon, the minority party refused to use that tool out of fear that someday they might be prohibited from using it. So they were rewarded for their cowardice with a new law… that prohibits them from using it. And they made exactly no attempt of any kind to educate the voters about the danger of this measure, so it passed handily.

Now that we have finally banned slavery (bad news for all Oregon’s slave holders) we have also made it harder to actually lock up criminals and apparently ended prison work programs.  And because of our new “free” healthcare for all, you can rest assured that our state will see mass arrivals of those who are sick or just want a no cost sex change.  There are exactly no plans for how all this will be paid for, but we are pretty sure it will be…you.

And, unless there are some big last minute changes, it looks like the voters have passed Ballot Measure 114. 

So half the people in Oregon used their vote to eliminate the rights of the other half and crush small businesses.  (All in the name of religion of course.)

114 is clearly unconstitutional. Of that there is little doubt.  It’s just a matter of whether or not the courts can read the simple language of both the Oregon and United State’s Constitutions and the recent Supreme Court decision in New York.

114 is also incoherent and impossible to comply with, something just now being noticed by the Oregonian who of course, endorsed this garbage.

We are all in on this fight. Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation will use every resource at our disposal to overturn this mean spirited, evil attack on our rights in court. Period. But we have to act fast to save the many small businesses that the “people of faith” in Portland have been working to destroy.

If you want to contribute to what will no doubt be an expensive fight, we welcome your support .

You can donate here.

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Thank you. Game on.