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The Controlled Demolition of Truth and Common Sense.


In the wake of the Orlando massacre, liberal politicians, sycophant Republican “leaders,” and the mindless parrots in the media churned up their predictable demands that law abiding people be disarmed.

As always, they got almost all the “facts” wrong.

Although this case becomes more bizarre with each passing day, the left and their willing accomplices in the mainstream press, choose not to focus on the obvious but to insist that somehow the gun used by the killer was the true culprit. Not his adherence to radical Islam, not his own apparent self loathing homosexual tendencies, not his past violent and abusive behavior.

None of this is new of course, but it does seem that the engine of mindless drivel has gone into overdrive.


                WANTED FOR MURDER.

In an editorial that appeared in the “Oregonian,” Samantha Swindler wrote:

Ah, you might say, someone determined to kill masses of people will find a way. This is probably true. You can make explosives. You can go on a rampage with a pair of scissors. But it is far too easy to go on a rampage with a gun, in particular with an AR-15-style rifle. There’s a reason it’s the weapon of choice among mass murderers.”

Certainly comments like these help explain why the Oregonian is slowly disappearing into a one page, high school newspaper reproduced on a mimeograph machine, but because her blithering is so representative of what we are being bombarded with in the press, it’s worth examining.

Is it really easier to go on a “rampage with a gun” than it is to detonate a suicide vest? Can she really be that stupid? Is it really easier to go on a rampage with an AR-15 than it is with any other gun?  Apparently not, because as we know, in spite of wall to wall mis-reporting, no AR-15 was involved. (As they virtually never are in the countless, ignored, shootings in Chicago.)

Is the AR-15 the “weapon of choice for mass murderers” as virtually every media outlet has proclaimed?

No. In fact, Mother Jones Magazine, a far left, anti-gun publication provides us with the research that demonstrates that most mass shootings do not involve firearms that are frequently mischaracterized as “assault weapons.” That’s of no importance to the purveyors of mendacity that dominate the airwaves and internet.

But to make her ignorant yapping even worse, Swindler goes on:

“Can’t we expand background checks and waiting periods for gun buyers? Can’t we place tighter restrictions on certain guns that maximize body counts?”

It is hard to imagine that someone who can find her way to work in the morning unassisted, could write something so astonishingly moronic. Perhaps she works from home.

Exactly what kind of “expanded background checks” would have had any affect on the murderous dog who killed the patrons of the “Pulse?”  Really Samantha, you work for a newspaper. Have you ever considered reading one? Not only did the killer pass the firearms purchase background check so beloved by the Brady Bunch and local anti-rights groups and apparently a background check for a Florida concealed handgun license, but he undoubtably passed many other background checks as part of his job with a government contracted security company. This in spite of several investigations done on him by the FBI for his affiliations with known radical Islamic organizations and his well known anti-social temperament. Ironically, countless qualified people are denied firearms purchases every day because of the background check system that approved the Orlando murderer. Waiting periods? All accounts indicate, that like so many mass killings, this was planned long in advance.

Swindler also wants “tighter restrictions on certain guns that maximize body counts.”  Once again we’re treated to the “only meant to kill as many people as quickly as possible” cliches, and the platitudes about “weapons of war” which, for some reason, people like Swindler are more than happy to supply to our police forces.

Swindler and her fellow travelers on the left are pathologically incapable of recognizing that people commit crimes. That is a problem that is actually difficult to deal with, so instead they, like the petulant Democrats in Congress who disrupted a moment of silence in honor of those killed in Orlando, demand that actions be taken to eliminate inanimate objects and punish the innocent.

It’s interesting to note that virtually all the anti-gun left insists that they don’t want to take people’s guns away. Well, only some guns. Only dangerous guns. (The fact is, of course, they do want to eliminate all guns, as evidenced by broad support by groups like Ceasefire Oregon for HB 3200 a few years ago which outlawed almost all modern firearms and called for warrantless searches by police.)

They continue to perpetuate the fantasy that some guns are “safer” because they aren’t black and don’t have pistol grips.  They complain that guns like the AR-15 can be fired “too quickly” or “too accurately,” as though accuracy in a firearm is a bad thing and ARs fire faster than any other gun. (This of course when they are not complaining that ARs are made to “spray fire from the hip.”) They moan about “high capacity clips” as if there is some acceptable number of casualties in any mass murder. They ignore the reality that the patrons of the “Pulse” were disarmed by law and, that given that the shooter apparently met no resistance once inside the club, in spite of being outnumbered hundreds to one, the kind of gun he used made precious little difference.

They will dishonestly claim they are not after “hunting rifles,” only the “too powerful assault weapons” like ARs which, of course, are far less powerful than most “hunting rifles.” They ignore the fact that almost every firearm ever made was designed originally to be a “weapon of war.” But for now, if they were designed for a war a long time ago, they’re ok. Even if they were used in America’s real largest mass shooting. And of course, any weapon is permissible if it’s being used by the state for mass murder.

The incoherence of the anti-gun zealots appears to be limitless. In response to a comment made by a member of the Pink Pistols (a gay gun rights group) who refused to blame the gun for the Orlando murders, Ceasefire Oregon’s, Penny Okamoto, proved herself, once again, to be a walking blond joke and said If the gun is just a tool, let’s make that tool safer…Let’s make sure we’ve got chamber loaded indicators on that. Let’s make sure we’ve got magazine disconnect mechanisms and let’s get rid of the assault weapons because those are not safe weapons.”

Really, “chamber loaded indicators” and “magazine disconnects” could have saved countless lives in Orlando. And who knows how many would have been spared if only the shooter had chosen a “safer” gun, like the shotguns used in so many mass murders and recommended by our Vice President.

In spite of our “leaders” refusal to acknowledge it, and whatever the motivation for the rampage in Orlando, the United States and much of the west is under siege by  religious Muslim extremists. Much of Europe has voluntarily disarmed and is paying the price in blood, rape and a loss of national identity. Americans would be fools to follow that path.



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