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Republicans Propose Gun Control. NRA Helps


Although several gun control bills died in the Senate, the battle is far from over. Two Republican Senators are pushing legislation they hope will be seen as a “compromise” with gun grabbers.

As you might expect, what they are proposing would have absolutely no effect on the kind of mass shootings that have created the latest firestorm against gun rights.

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, Senator Ron Wyden took to the Senate floor to demand background checks at gun shows and for gun sales on Craig’s List.  Of course, this was typical Wyden buffoonery. Craig’s List has never allowed gun sales and the radical Muslim who murdered the patrons of the Orlando bar did not get his guns at a gun show.

But now, Maine Senator Susan Collins and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte are proposing legislation that would block the sale of guns to people on two terrorist watch list subsets: the no-fly list, which prohibits individuals from boarding a plane, and the “selectee list,” which requires individuals to undergo additional screening before boarding.

Of course, the Muslim extremist who shot 100 people in Orlando was on no list in spite of being on law enforcement’s radar for a very long time. 

The proposed legislation would allow people to seek “due process” to have their names removed from the lists, if they had many, many thousands of dollars to pay the legal fees they would incur in this very lengthy process. 

At one time in America you were innocent until proven guilty. Now we are much like the rest of the world. If you want to exercise a right, you have to prove you are innocent.

“If you’re too dangerous to board a commercial plane, it stands to reason that you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun,” Senator Ayotte said on the Senate floor Monday. “It’s simple as that and people on both sides of the aisle I think agree on that in principle.”

Of course, that reasoning is simple, and simply absurd. If you are too dangerous to board a plane or buy a gun, you are too dangerous to build a bomb, drive a car onto the sidewalk or walk around without a jailer. 

Today we saw again the pointlessness of all of these politically motivated regulations. The Oregon State Police posted the results of last month’s background checks for gun purchases. 198 people were denied gun buys. 152 of them were identified as felons by OSP.  The total number of arrests for these desperados?  Exactly zero.  (The State Police do not provide info on the total number of the far more numerous delays.)

Every day in Oregon, and across the country, countless qualified people are denied gun purchases because of lousy government databases, yet Islamic murderers face no obstacles buying guns, and the theater continues.

Now, as so many times in the past, the NRA is aiding and abetting the gun grabbers by publicly stating that the victims of the Orlando massacre should not have been armed.

On CBS’s “Face The Nation” Wayne LaPierre said “I don’t think you should have firearms where people are drinking,”

On ABC’s “This Week” NRA’s Chris Cox said “No one thinks that people should go into a nightclub drinking and carrying firearms,” he said. “That defies common sense. It also defies the law.”

LaPierre then released a very weak Twitter comment saying carrying in restaurants is “ok.” Chris Cox’s comment about it “defying the law” is flat out wrong in many places, including Oregon.

It is perfectly legal to be in a bar in Oregon with a firearm and legal to drink with a firearm. Yet, we have never seen the kind of wholesale slaughter that we saw in Orlando where having a gun in a bar is illegal.

Oregon Democrats have tried in the past to create more criminal safe zones by banning firearms in places that sell alcohol. (We see what that accomplished in Florida.)

When they do, you can rest assured they will be quoting LaPierre and Cox just as they did when we were defending a Medford teacher with a CHL, and LaPierre was giving speeches saying NO civilian should be allowed in a school with a firearm.

We are being attacked from a well funded enemy that will tell any lie to advance their agenda. The last thing we need is NRA giving them ammo.