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The Battles Are Just Beginning.

November 9. 2016

The election of Donald Trump, along with victories for the Republicans in both the House and Senate, provide a truly historic opportunity to reverse much of the damage that has been done to the United States under the Obama regime.  The unimaginable destruction that Clinton-nominated Supreme Court Justices would have done to the Second Amendment has been averted. Predictably, the mainstream media is beside itself, and the attacks on people who voted for Trump continue. Whether all the leftist celebrities who promised to leave the country if Trump was elected will do so, it is still an uplifting idea.

Clinton ran on a platform of eliminating your right to keep and bear arms. She was soundly defeated.  That is indeed great news. But make no mistake, we are far from out of the woods.

Today, the anti-rights Brady Campaign sent their followers an email that said:

“Although we are incredibly disappointed that a candidate who ran his campaign on a message of hate, violence, intimidation, and fear will be the next President of the United States, that won’t stop us from fighting with everything we’ve got for the safer America we all want and deserve. “

Of course, no mention was made of the  violence orchestrated by Clinton’s surrogates or the rioting and flag burning that followed the election by Clinton supporters. The losers are violent and destructive and they are not going away any time soon.

Trump has a unique opportunity to do what he promised, to make America great again. Whether the Republican establishment will get on board, or do all they can to stand in his way remains to be seen, and exactly what a Trump presidency will look like is unknown. We do know that as a country we still face massive and deadly threats. But the certain destruction that would have resulted from 4 years of an egomaniacal, criminal, traitor as Commander In Chief has been avoided.

The news from Oregon is not as good.  While Hillary Clinton campaigned on a platform of attacking the Constitution and lost, Kate Brown campaigned on the same platform and won. She lost no time in declaring that one of her primary goals as Governor will be to further erode your rights.

The election of Dennis Richardson to Secretary of State was a positive sign in an otherwise unfortunate local election. Richardson is a smart, principled guy who is not going to use the office to promote an extremist agenda that we would have faced under his opponent. We believe that had Richardson been in office the signatures gathered to recall anti-gun zealot Floyd Prozanski would have been approved. Honesty and ethics in that office are essential.

Still, the Oregon Legislature remains solidly in the hands of anti-gun liberals and we can assure you that the bills to restrict your freedom have already been written.

There are a few races that are still too close to call with certainty, but it does not appear that we have picked up any House seats. A gain of two or three would have made a very big difference in our ability to hold back the worst of the coming bills. Some truly deserving candidates sadly failed to win. Still we thank them for fighting the good fight.

The defeat of Clinton is a giant victory for America but we have a lot of work to do in Oregon. If you want to help, please consider donating to our efforts here.

Remember, if you choose to donate to our PAC, your donation may be eligible for a tax credit. For more info please see this link.

The battles are just beginning. Thank you for being in them.