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Target Is OFF Target


Target stores have announced a new policy of “no guns.”

Bowing to the money of Michael Bloomberg and the astro-turf “activism” of “Mom’s Demanding Gun Sense in America”, Target stores now are telling customers that their legal firearms are not welcome.

 Starting today we will… respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target-even in communities where it is permitted by law.”

Target did not say they were asking people not to open carry. They said they were asking people not to carry any guns, concealed or not, long gun or handgun.

PLEASE take the opportunity to let your voice be heard via one (or more) of the following avenues:


Go to Target’s Facebook page and post a new message telling them you will not shop in Target stores until they welcome lawful carry.


Email Target Corporate and let them know you won’t shop in their stores until they welcome lawful carry again.  Let them know that it was bad enough that Target’s lack of security lead to the breach of millions of customers’ financial information last fall.  Now they want to deny you the security of being able to protect yourself.


 Phone: 1.800.440.0680 or (612) 696-3400

Call Target Corporate.  Let them know you cannot patronize a business that will not allow you the right to lawfully carry and exercise your God-given constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Target Corporation

1000 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Send a letter to Target corporate and express your disapproval of their anti-rights stance.  Millions of law abiding citizens carry for self-defense every day and harm no one. 


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We’re Having A Party


Well, we’re  not really having it, but our friends are and you’re invited.

As you know, the City of Ashland is considering Portland style restrictions on gun owners. In spite of the fact that “open carry” has never been an issue there, the City Council is preparing to bow to the pressure of a small group of malcontents who would feel safer and be less offended if all firearms were hidden from view and good people were prohibited from protecting themselves.

Despite the fact that the proposed ordinances would not in any way affect CHL holders and despite the fact that those without CHL’s could still openly carry firearms if they were unloaded, some folks are just always looking for a way to attack your rights. They’re not doing it to stop crime. They’re not doing it because there is any kind of problem in Ashland. They’re just doing it because they think they can.

But not everyone in Ashland is so mindlessly fearful and many are stepping up to respond to this pointless attack.They’ve asked us to reach out to you and invite you to an “Open Carry” day in Ashland on March 29th.

It’s not a rally, it’s just an opportunity for people who believe in liberty to get together, meet, and enjoy the company of other patriots. There will be food (free!) and an opportunity to sign their pro-gun petition. You can drop off a donation of  food for the Ashland Food Bank.

You can download all the details here Ashland Open Day 29th.

Whether you can make it or not our friends in Ashland ask that you drop one more note to the City Council  expressing your views on their proposed ordinance.

Please take a moment to like the Ashland activists’ brand new Facebook page and visit their webpage.

This event is intended to be a opportunity to make friends  and promote freedom.  Remember, “open carry” is not just a way of making a statement. For some, it’s their only option to stay safe. Would you want your 20 year old daughter denied the right to protect herself because of the baseless fears of a few ignorant people?

Come on out, join the fun,and say “no” to disarming the good guys.

Sample message follows to the City Council follows.

_______________________________________To the Ashland City Council,Please vote no on any ordinance that denies people the ability to stay safe while in your city.

Banning “loaded carry” in Ashland will have no effect on crime. But it will deny many people the right to defend themselves.

I urge you to keep Ashland safe. Vote “no” on restricting the rights of gun owners.



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More on Portland Slime Moving South


Last night, the Ashland City Council held another meeting to consider adopting Portland style gun restrictions.

The meeting, described as “standing room only,” drew gun rights activists opposing the ordinance and anti-gunners determined to convince the city to enact new restrictions.

The irony of the whole issue is that Ashland has never been a place where open carry was either common or a problem of any kind.  The people behind the proposed new abuses of civil rights were not responding to crime, threats or even real events. They simply saw Ashland as fertile ground for new attacks on liberty.

It’s this reality that may become the great vindication of the open carry movement.  There are many (even gun owners) who have complained that open carry is an unnecessary provocation that will bring on unwanted attention and new regulations. However, open carry has never been an issue in Ashland and the rights of gun owners are still under attack.  One has to wonder what the benefit of avoiding “provocation” is, if places like Ashland will bow to the pressure of a few malcontents to create pointless and unneeded new restrictions.

In fact, as several city council members correctly pointed out, the successful passage of an ordinance of this kind, in a place where even the police concede it serves no purpose, could well make Ashland a magnet for those who chose to send a message by openly carrying legal firearms.

Remember, those with concealed handgun licenses will still be able to open carry virtually anywhere. Those without licenses may still carry as long as the firearm is not loaded. If the mere sight of an openly carried gun is giving some Ashland residents the chills, enacting this ordinance will accomplish nothing except encouraging open carry by protestors.  The local police will then be in the very unenviable position of having to figure out what their “reasonable suspicion” will be every time they want to stop someone with a firearm.  It’s hard to imagine that the police will consider this a good use of their time.

OPB reported the crowd was “mostly respectful” without giving any examples of any incidents, but gun owners who were present told us that one council member, Carol Vosin (the main proponent of the ordinance) received an escort to her car after the meeting, by men openly carrying firearms. (The local police of course.)

It was this same hypocrite who testified in the past that stopping gun owners would be no different than drunk driving checkpoints before it was pointed out to her that those are not legal in Oregon.

You can see other reports on the meeting here, here and here.

The council has requested another draft of the proposed ordinance, this time with no added restrictions of guns carried in vehicles. So we are making headway, but we still need to do all we can to kill this senseless assault on freedom.

Please consider another message to the Council.

Sample message follows.

To the Ashland City Council,

I find it amazing that you would devote so much time to considering an ordinance banning the loaded carry of firearms in Ashland. No one has been able to demonstrate that this is even an issue in the city and your own police have told you it’s not a problem. But you seem determined to MAKE it a problem. Please keep in mind, if you pass this pointless and unneeded ordinance, license holders may still openly carry firearms and those without licenses may still openly carry firearms that you and your police will have no way of knowing are loaded or not without constant and possibly illegal stops by law enforcement.  Those who are offended by, or fearful of, the sight of an openly carried gun will continue to be offended and afraid and you will succeed in making Ashland the perfect gathering place for proponents of open carry. I can assure you most of them will carry openly and spend no money.

Surely your time could be better spent addressing real problems. Open carry is not one of them.


To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” – Richard Henry Lee