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Gun Hearings News


As you know, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard 4 anti-gun bills today. The crowd was so large that overflow rooms were filled and people watched the hearings on TV in the hallways outside the Senate and House Chambers.

The Governor started the proceedings by making the absurd statement that background checks did not prevent legitimate people from getting firearms. He should tell that to the hundreds of people we have heard from whose purchases have been prevented, sometimes for months, by the failed system.

After that came the predictable array of anti-gunners who actually believe that replicating the failed policies of places like Connecticut, where children died because adults were forbidden from protecting them, would be a good thing!

Floyd Prozanski defended his bill that would make CHLs almost impossible to get for most people (it requires onerous and pointless range firing tests) by saying that when he took a gun class (years ago) the teacher just took them to a rock pit owned by a friend of the teacher and they shot there.

We don’t think most instructors can say they have friends with their own rock pits, and in most places there is a great shortage of ranges. This bill would price most people out of ever getting a CHL.

Teachers came to argue that they should not be allowed to be armed, since they are not police and could never safely use a firearm to defend their students. There was the expected testimony that allowing guns in schools makes them more dangerous. Of course, no explanation for why almost 25 years of CHLs in schools have caused NO problems, and no explanation for why CHL holders, who are such a danger in schools, should be allowed to carry anywhere else. Several teachers said that their students told them they would “feel” less safe if school staff had guns. One very astute gun owner pointed out that it is far less important to make students feel safe than to make them be safe.

The bills are now scheduled to be voted on on April 10th. That means there is still time to make your feelings known about these bills. Again, the swing vote in this committee is Senator Arnie Roblan, who appears to be leaning our way, but could use your support to stand up to his caucus.

Senator Arnie Roblan
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1705
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-417, Salem, OR, 97301

In our last alert we told you about HB 3009, a bill due to be heard on Monday that would specifically protect CHL holders on college campuses. We neglected to tell you about HB 3114, which will be heard the same day. This is a very long bill but buried in it is language that would effectively  forbid licensed carry on college campuses.

Please use the contact the House Higher Ed Committee and oppose HB 3114. Their contact info follows:


Michael Dembrow, Chair 503-986-1445

Chris Harker, Vice-Chair  503-986-1434

John Huffman, Vice-Chair 503-986-1459

Joe Gallegos 503-986-1430

Vic Gilliam 503-986-1418

Chris Gorsek 503-986-1449

Mitch Greenlick 503-986-1433

Mark Johnson 503-986-1452

Gene Whisnant 503-986-1453