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“Special” Session Starts Monday


A “special” session of the Oregon Legislature has been called by Governor Kate Brown against the wishes of most legislators. This session is being presented as an opportunity to “fix” a tax increase bill passed by Democrats and signed into law by Brown.

By all accounts, the proposed “fix” will effect a tiny fraction of Oregon businesses leaving many others with large increases in their tax liabilities.  Legislators on both sides of the aisle have agreed there is no need for an “emergency” session but it is an election year and Brown sees this as an opportunity to convince voters that she is doing something for small business even while the bill she signed was a serious blow against small business.  So what does all this have to do with your gun rights?

As of the time of this writing, there has only been one bill introduced. The above mentioned tax bill. However, there is NOTHING to prevent an endless stream of unrelated bills from being introduced and passed in this crammed session.

No one knows what to expect, or how long this session will be. Theoretically it could just be one day, but it could just as easily be 5 days.

With elections coming and extreme anti-gun ballot measures threatening to bring out the votes of conservatives, the Dems may well see this session as their best chance to capitalize on the recent mass murders of school children and ram through anti-gun bills. Kate Brown’s extraordinary incompetence make her vulnerable and the Dems, even if they hold majorities in both houses, don’t know if they can count on Knute Buehler to sign more anti-gun bills should he become governor. That’s what makes this session so dangerous.

Not only is there a nationwide (irrational) call for extreme anti-gun laws, giving the Democrats the momentum and incentive to pass almost anything, but these short sessions make it almost impossible for the public, (and you) to know what is happening and react to it.

We cannot predict what is going to happen, but we can tell you the danger level is extremely high. Gone are the days when the gun grabbers hid their true intentions under the guise of  “enacting reasonable gun safety legislation.” Now dictated by the sad , but predictable, calls for “something” by frightened but uninformed school children, the left is on an all out jihad to ban everything everywhere.

If they have their way you will be allowed to own nothing, although you may be allowed to store some firearms for the government at your expense if they are locked up, and useless and registered with the state subject to police inspection.

Make no mistake. The recent murders have exposed the real agenda of the left and they will stop at nothing.  And while we can’t say for certain what will happen in the days ahead, we can tell you what won’t change. 

Anti-gun celebrities will continue to attack gun owners while producing ultra violent movies that glorify murder. Video game makers will keep making games that reward kids for the most “kills”. Liberal teachers will keep blaming the “gun lobby” for the crimes of the mentally ill.

Kids in schools in Oregon will still be subject to abuse by school personnel (who will be protected for years by their unions) while nothing is done to ensure their safety against deranged killers. And the politicians in Salem will continue to have wall to wall police protection with a cop in every hearing room and hallway.

While every effort will be made to disarm you and make you a criminal for exercising a human right, the politicians will continue to enjoy protection provided by men with guns.

Please stay tuned in. We are going to need every one of you to be ready to respond to any attacks in the coming days.  We will be doing all we can to keep you informed but please consider using the OLIS system of the legislative website to track bills and their progress.  You can access that here.