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Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Gets “Modified” Ballot Title


The Attorney General has submitted a “modified” ballot title for IP 43, the gun confiscation ballot measure drafted by liberal Portland “clergy”

As you know, this ballot measure would outlaw a vast collection of firearms and ammunition magazines. Some of the banned guns would not even be the dreaded “semi-automatics” that have become the things of legend and myth.

Under IP 43 you would be facing prison time for having a firearm or magazine that you had not “registered “ with the state police. You would have very limited ability to use those items and you can never purchase another one. If you don’t register them and submit to Oregon State Police rules on how you must store them you will be required to turn them into the police, sell them out of state, or destroy them.

The “modified” ballot title can be seen here. This includes the 15 word caption the Attorney General wants to appear in the voter’s guide and the “summary” and effects  of both a “yes” and “no” vote on the measure.

As you can see, the Attorney General still insists on using the meaningless, but still inflammatory term “assault weapon”  even though she admits that “an accurate definition of that term is impossible to convey in the allotted fifteen words, “

There is no question this is intended to create confusion and fear amongst voters who have no knowledge of firearms.  It will no doubt be successful.

Clearly the openly anti Second Amendment Attorney General is hoping to use misleading and incendiary language to encourage people to vote to steal your rights and property.

Rest assured Oregon Firearms will be challenging this dangerous and misleading language in court.