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Situation Normal….

Situation Normal



Unfortunately, the February legislative session has unfolded exactly as we predicted.

The majority Democrats have been ramming through an endless stream of Marxist bills to promote racism and redistribute wealth while attacking and undermining our school boards and indoctrinating our kids.

The Republicans, as expected, have done… nothing.

In the beginning of the session many of you received an email from the office of the House Republican Leader Vicky Iverson in response to your request that House Republicans stand up to the coming attacks from the left. 

The email was comical and pathetic. In it, her staffer wrote:

“The House Republicans have the ability to walk out any time they feel Democrats are pushing policies bad for Oregonians. Tuesday’s vote was simply for House Rules, it does not and will not stop House Republicans from walking out in the future of this 35 day short session.”

This is borderline demented. The “vote” she mentions was a vote to FORBID the House Republicans from walking out. And, of course, it passed because the House Republicans remained on the floor to provide the quorum needed to pass it. To suggest that somehow that vote does not prevent the Republicans from walking out it is quite simply, a lie.

In fact, the Democrats have been doing nothing BUT pushing bad policies. Far too many to count or report, but here is a perfect example.

“Representative E Werner Reschke (R-Klamath Falls) responded to the situation, “This is shocking. It is grooming at best, evil at worst. Sexualizing children is wrong, period, full stop. It is child abuse, no matter whether done by a pedophile or by the state.”

But while, once again, the Republicans stomp their feet and bleat their outrage and indignation, they stick around to make sure these bills pass.

Iverson’s email went on to say:

“Oregon House Republicans have bills to curtail Governor’s Over Reach, create transparency in school curriculums, support police, end mandates and more. We cannot do the work by walking out at this point. We will be fighting against Ag Overtime, and pro criminal bills coming from Democrats at the same time. If we walk out, the Governor will just push these policies through executive order.”

So which is it?  They’ll walk out “when” bad policies are being pushed but they can’t now because they “have bills?” Do they really think you are that stupid?

Since Iverson’s email was sent, we have seen nothing but a long stream of email newsletters from Republicans remarking how their bills are going nowhere. Of course they’re going nowhere. They are Republican bills. Did they really believe their bills would move?

To then suggest that they must remain (even after saying they “could” walk) in order to fight anything is a pathetic fraud.  They have NO power while they remain. None, zip, nada.  And to whine that if they walk out the governor will just impose these policies by “executive order” is cowardly slight-of-hand. What difference does it make if the governor does it by executive order or the legislature does it with the tacit agreement of the Republicans?

The same polices are in place and the Republicans helped.

Of course, no email from a Republican politician would be complete without a pitch to elect more Republicans.

“We must change the majority in November. This is the only way to change Oregon.”

This conveniently ignores what they want you to forget.  After they walked out last time they GAINED seats. People responded to their courage. People don’t respond to politicians who are part of the swindle.

In another email we received from another Republican House Rep, (who mercifully won’t be around after the short session) we were reminded that this is all YOUR fault.

In it she said:

The reality is that we’re getting our asses kicked because some republicans and conservatives won’t show up to vote, they don’t give money, and they can’t count to 31 or 16.”

There you have it. You are not voting and sending them enough money. And apparently you can’t count. It’s no one’s fault but yours. (Which makes you wonder how they got elected in the first place.)

At the moment, it does not appear that any direct attacks on gun rights will be moving forward. Even the ridiculous bill promoted by Republican Greg Smith looks dead.

One bill that threatened self defense is on hold though we’ll be watching it. 

One thing we agree with the Republican legislators on is this, we have to make some big changes at election time.