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Show Time 2020



Ballots are in the mail, and if you are lucky, yours has, or will arrive.

For the thousands misplaced by the fires, the Secretary of State has created this link to help you vote:
With all due respect to our friends at the Post Office, based on personal experience, we have no faith in the vote by mail system. We regularly get other people’s mail and fail to receive our own. If you do not receive a ballot very soon, contact your local elections office immediately.

We strongly recommend that you do not “mail” your ballot back. Yes, you are now paying the postage for all the Oregonians who our legislature determined could not figure out how to buy and affix a stamp, but we still recommend you deliver it to the elections office yourself or at very least use a “secure” ballot drop box if one is available to you.


We don’t have to remind you how important this election is. Our gun rights are not all that hang in the balance. Those in power in Oregon are actively assisting in the destruction of the state and the only thing that can change that is you.


We have attached our 2020 voting guide. Please consider it as you make your decisions.

The grades reflect either the record of any candidate who has actually held office, or the responses we received to our survey if they have not. Of course, survey responses are no substitute for a voting record but in the case of a candidate who has not held office it’s the best metric we have. Personal interviews with candidates are factored in when those were possible.


You will note that there are candidates who are endorsed with “B+” ratings. As we point out on the candidate grade page, “B+” is the highest rating we give to a candidate who has not held office. This rating does not mean they are lacking in their commitment to gun rights. It is simply a way to differentiate between candidates who have promised to protect your rights and candidates who have been there and proven that commitment.  An endorsed, “B+” candidate is a good choice for gun rights. A rating of “NR” means they have no record and did not respond to our survey. That is usually a good sign that they do NOT support gun rights.


For those of you who receive NRA candidate ratings, please note that NRA’s ratings often do not reflect that a candidate supports gun rights.


For example, the NRA endorsed Senator Tim Knopp whose Facebook page shows photos of him proudly posing with Bloomberg’s “brave” anti-gun “Moms Demand Action.” Knopp also refused to join Republican Senators when they walked out to protect your rights, choosing to stay behind with the anti-gun Democrats.


NRA endorsed Representative Brad Witt, who has called for banning rifle sales to 18-20 year olds.


They gave no rating to House Speaker Tina Kotek who is in control of Oregon’s most militant anti-gun House and who has been part of the cabal of Oregon leftists who condone and promote the rioting and looting that is destroying Portland.


If you are unsure which district you are in, you can find out here:
Please make your voice heard.