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First They Came For The Bump Stocks



First they came for the bump stocks…

Well actually, it didn’t start with bump stocks and it won’t end there. But as you may know, ATF has now placed “pistol braces” in its sights. And that means a whole lot of people could become felons for owning something they were already assured was legal.

When the ATF magically turned pieces of plastic into “machine guns” a lot of good Americans were magically turned into criminals. The ruling (regardless of how you feel about bump stocks) was absurd. No matter how you twist things, a “bump stock” is not a machine gun.

Now after years of baffling and contradictory rulings on the legality of “pistol braces” it appears they may be next on the hit list.

Pistol Brace


A firearms maker, “Q LLC” has been informed by ATF that an AR pistol they have been selling, which appears to be functionally identical to countless other AR pistols, is now considered a regulated short barrel rifle.

ATF’s regulations are usually incomprehensible. But what’s worse is they are ever changing. So being in possession of something that was perfectly legal today, could send you to prison tomorrow, for no reason any rational person can decipher.

Honey Badger Pistol



The gun in question is their “Honey Badger” pistol. The pistol has a “pistol brace” in place of a stock. ATF has ruled that placing a “pistol brace” on a pistol does not, by itself, convert a pistol into a short barrel rifle.

They have issued confusing and contradictory rulings about whether it is legal to allow the brace to touch your shoulder, in one instance stating ludicrously that if you did allow that, you just “manufactured a short barrel rifle” but they have never stated that simply attaching one to a firearm was unlawful or required that the gun be considered a  regulated NFA item.

So what possible reason could they have to declare that this particular firearm is now an SBR, when countless other examples that are, for all intents and purposes, identical, are not?  The regulation of SBR’s itself makes no sense and is an institutional anachronism . 

People who have already purchased these pistols are now being advised by the manufacturer to either remove the barreled upper and place it on a different lower (apparently they could place it on another lower with the same pistol brace) or to remove it from their possession altogether .

Why it would be legal to simply use a virtually identical lower from another maker is anyone’s guess. What makes this all the more bizarre is that courts have ruled that AR lowers don’t even qualify as “receivers,” so why should they be regulated at all?

ATF has a long history of creating rules that make no sense. And that’s bad enough. But making rules and then changing them so that good people can be arrested is flat out evil. The National Shooting Sports Federation recently reported that the ATF was NOT going after pistol braces. We think they were overly optimistic.

The President has the power to put a stop to this nonsense. And he should. If Biden is elected these kinds of abuses will be just a downpayment on what is coming next, we certainly should not have to face this kind of attack (again) under President Trump.

We urge you to contact the President and express your concern about this rogue agency and its intentionally incomprehensible regulations.

You can email the White House directly here:

If you prefer, Gun Owners of America has a prewritten form you can use.

That is available here:

It makes no sense that gun owners should face another senseless attack from an out of control agency while a “pro-gun” President is still in office.