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Another Sell Out


Caving to the House Democrats tantrum-like sit-in on the House floor, Speaker Paul Ryan has capitulated to their demands and has promised a vote on an anti-gun bill next week.

While it is unclear exactly which bill he will be hearing, it’s likely to be one approved by the National Rifle Association.

The bill will most likely allow the government to forbid gun sales to persons on secret “terrorist watch lists.”

As usual, these lists will be poorly crafted, badly reviewed and constantly misused. As many Oregonians know, you can be denied a gun for no reason and then it becomes your problem to correct it. That’s what politicians are now calling “due process”; your “right” to spend vast sums of time and money proving your innocence although you have never been accused of a crime.

Clearly, people who are so dangerous they are not allowed to buy guns (legally of course, they can always get them illegally) should not be walking the streets. The fact is, nothing being promoted in response to the Orlando shooting would have had any effect on that terrorist attack, or any other mass shooting. The politicians know that, their goal is not to stop mass shootings or any other terrorist attack, their goal is to disarm you.

No gun control bill is a good gun control bill, but by allowing a vote, Ryan is opening the door for endless amendments that can make it far worse. NRA should be opposing any new restrictions on gun rights. We need to control terrorists, not tools.

Both Oregon Senators and 4 out 5 Oregon Congress members have called for more attacks on the Second Amendment.

One of them, Kurt Schrader, is regularly endorsed by the NRA. We have asked the NRA if they plan to endorse him again. They have not responded.

Please consider contacting NRA’s Federal lobbyist, Brandi Graham Pensoeau, and demand NRA end their support for gun grabbing Schrader. (202-651-2581

Schrader has a rock solid pro-gun opponent and we should not have a national gun rights group supporting a vocally anti-gun candidate.

Our lone Republican member of Congress, Greg Walden, has made no statement we can find on how he will vote on more attacks on the Constitution.

If you live in Walden’s district, please contact him and ask what he is doing to block votes on more dangerous gun control bills.

At a time when we are in the most danger, it is insanity that our elected representatives are assisting in disarming us.