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Racist Gun Owners


Gary Smerta, a resident of one of the districts in Colorado that recalled its State Senator over his vote expanding gun control, said “Because almost all murders are young minority males killing young minority males. It’s like 90 percent. Take out domestic violence, after that there’s nothing left.” 

Smerta’s comments were intended to make the “point” that efforts to implement gun control were misguided for most of the country.  Referring to a neighbor, he said “Amanda has no chance of getting killed in any meaningful sense… she can walk in every neighborhood. If she got killed, it’s gotta be somebody she knows, or she was dealing, or buying with a lot of cash, or something like that.”

Smerta called for imposing new restrictions on urban blacks saying “In the last 12 years, 9,000 more murders would have taken place in New York City, and they all would have fit that description of male minorities, 15 to 25.”

Smerta’s insensitive comments were immediately criticized by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense whose spokeswoman, Shanonn Watts, said “It’s typical of gun owners to try to place all the blame for gun violence on minority youth. All gun owners are responsible for the carnage.”

Wait, just kidding. All those quotes were made by Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former Mayor of New York who is backing “Moms” and “Mayors Against Guns” an organization that has had quite of few of its members arrested, some for gun crimes.

But wait, there’s more. Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” website  says the following “About a third of U.S. children live in homes with guns. That wouldn’t pose a risk if guns were stored responsibly. But because many guns are not, American kids are 16 times more likely to be accidentally shot and killed than kids in other developed countries.”  But look at another quote from the same Rolling Stone interview quoted above:

“Let’s say Amanda’s trying to break in. ‘Excuse me, Amanda, I’ve gotta go get my gun to shoot you. Now, where did I put that combination to that lock? And the bullets were where? I don’t know what the f%#…how do you turn the safety off?’ Are you kidding me? The last thing you want to do when somebody breaks in and puts a gun toward you is try to go for a gun. That’s really stupid. I don’t know if you’re going to get shot one way, but I guarantee you’re going to get killed the other way. “

                                                   The man is dangerous loon. Guns save lives.

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