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Prozanski Schedules Registration Bill. Gabby’s Husband Coming To Town



Four days after he informed “Ceasefire Oregon” that he would be hearing his gun registration bill, SB 1551, Floyd Prozanski has officially scheduled the bill so the public can now see what he shared with the anti-rights extremists last Friday.

The bill will be heard on Thursday, Feb 6, at 8 AM in Hearing Room 50, which is in the Capitol basement. Floyd has invited NRA to testify. OFF was not invited; however, NRA has offered us a place on their panel.

There are still unconfirmed rumors of “celebrity” anti-gunners coming in from out of town. 

They are confirmed. Gabby Gifford’s husband, Mark Kelly, will be coming to testify in favor of gun registration.

If you are planning to come and testify, keep the following in mind:

While you may submit written testimony, you should be ready to be flexible on what you say. It is very likely that amendments will be proposed which can change the makeup of the bill.

Here are some points about the bill:

(Be prepared to respond to a moving target.)

The bill outlaws private transfers to people you have known your whole life.

The bill is a de facto registration scheme. Without registration the bill has no meaning.

There is no reason to demand the serial number of the gun being transferred if this is not a registration scheme.

In spite of what Floyd says, people HAVE had their guns confiscated IN OREGON, with NO LEGAL JUSTIFICATION, because of background checks.

As written, this bill allows you to give a gun to your nephew but forbids him from giving it back without police permission!

Under the bill you could give a gun to your gay partner, but you could not give a gun to person of the opposite sex with whom you lived but were not legally married to.

You could give a gun to your son-in-law, but he cannot give it back without permission from the state.

You can give a gun to your nephew but he can’t give it back without permission from the state.

If you have a range, training facility, or gun club that allows people to use guns you own, as part of a class you charge for, you have “leased” a gun and now must run a background check and transfer the gun to them before they can use the gun in the class. (Assuming the check is even completed before the class is over.)

They then must “transfer” the gun back to you at the end of the class.

The bill has no provision for allowing a transfer if the OSP can’t complete a background check.

(The law allows dealers to transfer in three days but does NOT allow private parties to transfer in 3 days if OSP can’t complete the check.)

Unlike the present system, any transfer will require that you have and retain transfer forms only available from the State Police.

If you plan to submit materials to the committee, please send a PDF to by noon tomorrow. For printed documents, please provide 10 paper copies to the assistant when you testify.


It’s a train wreck, folks. Let’s get out there.