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On Thursday, January 22, the first salvo in the war to protect our rights from more dangerous intrusions will be fired in Yamhill County.
The County Commissioners will be taking testimony on Resolution 011415.
This resolution states that Yamhill County opposes any expansion of the failed Oregon “background check system” to private exchanges of personal firearms.
As you know, the current system routinely denies firearms transfers to qualified persons while virtually never preventing criminals from getting guns. This according to the statistics provided by Oregon State Police themselves.
The hearing will be at 10 am in Room 32 of the County Courthouse in McMinnville.
Please consider coming to testify in favor of this common sense protection of individual rights. 

With the anti-gun legislature promising to steamroll gun owners by forcing them to request permission from the State Police every time a firearm changes hands, and the Oregon State Police ID unit doing such an abysmal job of conducting these “background checks” it’s essential that as many counties as possible stand up to the bullies in Portland and say “No, not in my county.” 

Showing up is the best thing you can do, but if you cannot make it, please send a note of support to the members of the County Commission urging their support for this critical resolution.

Allen Springer
Mary Starrett
Stan Primozich

Remember, this meeting is in a courthouse. Because of state law, gun owners are barred from exercising their rights there. Firearms carry is prohibited.