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This may well be the shortest notice we have ever asked people to take action on.

HB 2020 is racing through the Oregon legislature. This is NOT a gun bill, but it has the potential to be the most destructive piece of legislation in Oregon history. This is not hype folks. If this bill passes energy costs will skyrocket and rural Oregonians will be decimated. The same people who are working overtime to steal your guns are working overtime to steal everything else.

If this bill becomes law, we will be locked into contracts with other states and countries that will crush anyone who makes a living off the land and severely attack every other Oregonian.

The Senate Republicans who killed the vicious gun ban bill (SB 978) by walking off the floor are willing to take aggressive action to stop this job killing, wage destroying bill. They have asked that we get as many people as possible to the Capitol steps tomorrow in a show of support for liberty and sanity.

Please, if you can be there tomorrow at noon, it could make all the difference.