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Chaos In The Legislature


As you know, the Senate Republicans have walked out to protest the outrageous behavior of the majority party. The Governor has called on the State Police to track down those who left and force them back to the floor so the Democrats can pass countless bills that will seriously hurt all Oregonians for generations to come.

Among the many threats the Democrats have made (including defunding the districts of any absent Republican) is to ram through the gun confiscation bills we thought were dead.

These are very dangerous times and some of what we are seeing is simply unprecedented. 

We have been informed that in order for the Democrats to be able to maintain the power to arrest the Republicans, they have to hold floor session every day. That means they will be on the floor for Saturday and Sunday sessions even though they cannot conduct business.

Protestors are expected over the weekend to come to the Capitol to voice their opposition to the destructive ambitions of the majority party. As a gun owner, you should consider joining them. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to confront the gun grabbers on a weekend. So please consider coming.

Republican Senators have left the state, but Kate Brown is working with law enforcement in other states to try to get them to assist in the arrest of the absent Republicans and all the Republicans are facing fines of $500.00 for every day they are absent. They need our help.

There are several “Go Fund Me” campaigns that have been started to contribute to the Republicans who have walked out, but the Senate Majority leader has informed us that they will probably not be allowed to accept those funds. They have asked that donations go directly to their “Leadership Fund.” Please donate as generously as you can. They went to the wall for us. We need to have their backs.

You can donate here.

And please take a moment to send a note of support to the Senators who have taken a stand. You can reach all Republican Senators here. 

There is a prewritten message of support, but if you choose you can add your own text in the white box above the message that says “Add your own message here.”  This is not required.


Thank you