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Legal Battles Heating Up


In spite of what you may hear from the press release wing of the minority party, gun owners, and anyone who thinks rationally, took a serious beating this last legislative session.

The Democrats are crowing about all the damage they were able to do, while even Democrat Senate President Peter Courtney has expressed his fears about the nature of the Democrats now in power.

You can hear what Courtney has to say about his fellow travelers in this extraordinary interview.

But while for the moment, the politicians are away from the building they locked the rest of us out of, there are still multiple battles taking place right this minute.  And as we have told you before, these are not fights that can be won with activism.

These fights can only be won with money.

Our two principle battles right now are initiative petitions 17 and 18, (see below for measure details) and our battle to protect the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance in Columbia County.

I wanted to update you on both these fights.

As you know, if measures 17 and 18 pass, firearm’s rights as we know them in Oregon will quite simply be a thing of the past. These measures are so extreme, and so dangerous that we have to do everything we can to stop them.

Given the political attitudes of Oregon’s population centers and their complete disdain for people who live anywhere else, it’s perfectly believable that these demented measures could pass.  And given the bottomless war chest of the east coast leftists who support these attacks on our rights, it’s reasonable to expect massive media buys to convince low information voters that they will be safer if Oregonians are denied the ability to protect themselves and their families.

The last time the Portland Marxists attempted these measures we were able to prevent them from getting on the ballot because of your support. We must do it again.

As we have done in past ballot measure fights, OFF submitted comments to the Secretary of State on the proposed ballot titles for these measures.  Ballot titles are critical during initiative fights because often that’s all many voters read.  While any sane person would vote “no” if they read the entire measures, all too often all they read are the titles and summaries that the anti gun attorney general writes.

As you would expect, the proposed ballot titles and summaries did not begin to describe the damage these ballot measures would do.

By submitting comments that pointed out the deficiencies in the titles and summaries, OFF became legally qualified to challenge whatever ballot titles the Attorney General decides on.  No signature gathering can begin until all the court battles are complete, so it’s essential that we be prepared to go into court and demand titles that reflect just how dangerous and draconian these measures are.

The most effective way to do this is with attorneys who are experienced in the ballot measure process.  We believe the comments we submitted made a strong case for considerable changes but as you might guess, all that lawyer time adds up.

The second front is our battle in Columbia County.  The citizens of Columbia County twice passed citizen ballot measures to protect gun rights against outside infringement .

These sanctuary ordinances have been spreading rapidly across the country as more efforts are made by state and federal bureaucrats to crush gun rights.

The anti-gun billionaire cartel has been looking for an opportunity to challenge them in court and lucky us… they chose Columbia County.

After both Second Amendment Ordinances were passed, the Columbia County Commissioners decided they were losing control of the people who pay them. So they conspired with wealthy east coast anti-gun groups to overturn the will of the voters.

The commissioners basically re-wrote the ordinances the people passed, made unwanted changes and then requested that a court declare their own ordinance invalid.  They did all this while pretending they supported the decision the people made and were just seeking clarification, but in fact, were working behind the scenes with a radical, leftist, anti-gun group to torpedo the sanctuary ordinances.  The case was to be a test to see how many Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances they could shoot down.

The good news is that all their briefs and pleadings demonstrate little more than a grotesque and willing disregard for what the measures actually do.

While they threw a barrage of baseless allegations against the Sanctuary ordinances, they provided hardly any statutory or other legal basis for the myriad of false claims they made.

But what is even more interesting was their repeated confusion about what they were actually seeking to overturn.  The measures passed by the people were, according to the county commission, replaced by their rewritten ordinance, which they claim was all that was in effect.  But the arguments made by the anti-rights cabal weave drunkenly between attacking the ballot measures that purportedly are no longer in effect, and the bogus “ordinance” drafted by the county.

We believe our lawyers have done an outstanding job of demolishing the propaganda created by the unholy alliance of the county commission and Mike Bloomberg’s paid anti-gun hacks.

The hearing on the case is scheduled for July 21st. Either way it will have national implications. But as we have pointed out, it will be very costly.

We would be grateful for any financial support you can offer to help us cover the legal fees. The past session was rough and these two legal battles are expensive.  But they have grave implications for all gun owners in Oregon and nationwide.

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