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County Commissioners Ignore The People


Today the County Commissioners of Benton, Marion, Yamhill, and Polk County voted to appoint Anna Scharf to the House Seat vacated when the Oregon Legislature expelled House Rep Mike Nearman.

Mike was one of 5 candidates chosen by the precinct committee people of the Republican Party in House District 23. Mike won that vote by a substantial margin.

The Commissioners chose to ignore the vote of the PCP’s and instead picked Scharf who used to work for Nearman. When asked during the PCP selection process if she would have voted to expel her former boss, she joined the entire Republican House Caucus and said she would have expelled him.

The only Commissioner to honor the overwhelming decision of the PCP’s was Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett.

Marion County Commissioner Colm Willis did not vote.

All the other candidates made clear their intentions to compromise and grovel to the Democrat majority. Only Nearman spoke of standing up to them.

The Republican PCP’s demonstrated a lot more integrity than the Republican House members.

And with only one exception, the commissioners also demonstrated that politics beats principle.

Thanks to commissioner Starrett.  The others will be remembered.


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