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Sara Gelser



a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles etc. , that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.Sara Gelser really wants to be a Senator. Really. So she is attacking her opponent, Betsy Close, by calling her “extreme.” Of course, if you believe in the Second Amendment, you are “extreme” to Gelser. That’s to be expected.

But Gelser’s hypocrisy is stunning.  She attacks Betsy by running ads saying the “extreme right” is “shoveling money” into this campaign, but Gelser is fine with having California billionaires “shovel money” into her coffers.

Gelser’s main attack on Senator Close is that Close supports a person’s right to own a firearm. Close voted against a bill that would force friends and family members to ask for police permission to lend or give a gun to each other. That’s what has millionaire Gelser fuming.

If Gelser has her way, a woman who was facing a violent stalker would not be allowed to have gun, from a gun store or her best friend or even her uncle, unless the police approved!  And in Oregon, people trying to acquire guns are routinely denied that right by the police because their record keeping is so shoddy that they can’t even tell who is prohibited. So they prohibit first and ask questions later.

Recent statistics we obtained show that over 97% of the people denied firearms by the state police were not people who were actually subject to any arrest. They just had their rights denied.

Of the people who the police said were so dangerous they could not buy a gun only 2.41% were actually arrested. And Gelser wants to expand this colossal failure to a gun you want to leave with your girlfriend if you have to be out of town and she fears for her safety.

Gelser is so determined to deny anyone the right to own a firearm for protection, she has even tried to make it illegal for foster parents to own guns! So, if you step up and try to provide a home for a kid who has nowhere else to go, Gelser wants to take your rights away. 

Gelser leads the privileged life of a millionaire. It’s no surprise she would want to disarm everyone else. Don’t let Gelser impose her elite agenda on you and your family. Help us send her back to her mansion and get her out of Oregon politics. Please consider making a donation to keep Betsy Close, (a true Second Amendment chanpion) in the Senate by making a donation to her campaign or contributing to OFFPAC. Your help will keep hypocrite Gelser out of the Senate and away from your guns.