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Portland Slime Now In Corvallis



The endless war on the Second Amendment will have its next battle in Corvallis on Oct. 7th at 2pm.

The City Council is scheduled to hold a hearing on “Open Carry of Firearms.”

Corvallis has already lost one lawsuit against a person who was openly carrying a firearm, but it does not look like they have learned their lesson.

Just to be clear, in most places Corvallis has no legal power to ban “open carry.” What they are trying to do is ban “loaded carry.”

The lessons of Ashland have clearly been lost on this City Council.  Ashland dropped its efforts to ban open, loaded carry when it became a magnet for lawful open carriers. Perhaps Corvallis must be next.

If you can be at this hearing, please show up and express your opposition to this pointless act of theater. If you cannot be there, please contact the City Council and let them know how you feel.

Contact information for the the mayor and city council is available here.

Schedule information and agenda documents are available here.